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Higher Education – Challenges : Struggle : Hope

Posted on November 3rd, 2016

Colleges and universities are experiencing tremendous pressures, both internal and external, trying to find ways to cope with declining budgets, enrollment challenges, curriculum change, and a myriad of other societal issues.  Here is a selection of titles relating to the current challenges facing Higher Education for you to explore.  Most of the books listed below are on display and available for checkout on the 3000 North corridor  by the Reference desk, but there are also many titles available as  eBooks (see examples below).

Some of these 46 titles have been featured in “Selected New Books on Higher Education” columns in the Chronicle of Higher Education.  This shorter list can be retrieved by clicking on the “Chronicle Books” tag located in the catalog record.  Find more print titles related to Higher Education using this key search link: “Higher Ed


To learn how you can tag records to form catalog lists, see “What are VUfind tags” on

Any EIU library user can view a selected list of electronic encyclopedia entries from our collection of hundreds of reference e-books.

Here is a short list of example entries.

Strategic and Long-Range Planning in Higher Education. Encyclopedia of Education, edited by James W. Guthrie, 2nd ed., vol. 7, Macmillan Reference USA, 2002, pp. 2367-2369. Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Universities and Higher Learning. Encyclopedia of Global Studies, edited by Helmut K. Anheier, et al., vol. 4, SAGE Reference, 2012, pp. 1713-1718. Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Education, Diversity in Higher. Encyclopedia of Race and Racism, edited by Patrick L. Mason, 2nd ed., vol. 2, Macmillan Reference USA, 2013, pp. 89-96. Gale Virtual Reference Library.


Find more eBook titles related to Higher Education using this key search link: “Higher Ed eBks




The “Chronicle Books” tag list:

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  • Aims Of Higher Education: Problems Of Morality and Justice
  • LB2324 .A39 2015
  • summary | details
  • American Higher Education in Crisis?: What Everyone Needs to Know
  • Blumenstyk, Goldie.
  • LA227.4 .B59 2015
  • summary | details
  • Assessing Study Abroad: Theory, Tools, and Practice
  • LB2376 .A68 2015
  • summary | details
  • Becoming a Student-ready College: A New Culture Of Leadership for Student Success
  • McNair, Tia Brown, 1952-
  • LB2341 .M366 2016
  • summary | details
  • Breakpoint: The Changing Marketplace for Higher Education
  • McGee, Jon, 1962-
  • LB2341 .M364 2015
  • summary | details
  • Class Lives: Stories from Across Our Economic Divide
  • HN90.S6 C5646 2014
  • summary | details
  • Clickers in the Classroom: Using Classroom Response Systems to Increase Student Learning
  • LB1028.3 .C625 2015
  • summary | details
  • Creating Citizens: Liberal Arts, Civic Engagement, and the Land-grant Tradition
  • LC220.5 .C698 2016
  • summary | details
  • Critical Approaches to the Study Of Higher Education: A Practical Introduction
  • LB2326.3 .C74 2015
  • summary | details
  • Department Chair As Transformative Diversity Leader: Building Inclusive Learning Environments in Higher Education
  • Chun, Edna Breinig,
  • LB2341 .C54549 2015x
  • summary | details
  • Discourse Of Disability in Communication Education: Narrative-based Research for Social Change
  • LC4818.38 .D57 2016
  • summary | details
  • Faculty Mentoring: A Practical Manual for Mentors, Mentees, Administrators, and Faculty Developers
  • Phillips, Susan L.
  • LB1731.4 .P54 2015
  • summary | details
  • Game Of Loans: The Rhetoric and Reality Of Student Debt
  • Akers, Beth, 1983-
  • LB2340.2 .A54 2016
  • summary | details
  • Getting College Ready: Latin@ Student Experiences Of Race, Access, and Belonging at Predominantly White Universities
  • Minikel-Lacocque, Julie.
  • LC2670.6 .M6 2015
  • summary | details
  • Getting to Graduation: The Completion Agenda in Higher Education
  • LA227.4 .G49 2012
  • summary | details
  • Guiding the American University: Contemporary Challenges and Choices
  • Stearns, Peter N.
  • LB2341 .S764 2016
  • summary | details
  • Hacking the Academy: New Approaches to Scholarship and Teaching from Digital Humanities
  • AZ186 .H33 2013
  • summary | details
  • Higher Education and Employability: New Models for Integrating Study and Work
  • Stokes, Peter J.,
  • LC173 .S76 2015x
  • summary | details
  • Higher Education for Sustainability: Cases, Challenges, and Opportunities from Across the Curriculum
  • LB2324 .H543 2013
  • summary | details
  • Humanities and the Dream Of America
  • Harpham, Geoffrey Galt, 1946-
  • AZ503 .H37 2011
  • summary | details
  • Inquiry-based Learning for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (stem) Programs: A Conceptual and Practical Resource for Educators
  • Q181 .I65485 2015x
  • summary | details
  • Integrated but Unequal: Black Faculty in Predominately White Space
  • LC2781.5 .I58 2012
  • summary | details
  • Interdisciplining Digital Humanities: Boundary Work in an Emerging Field
  • Klein, Julie Thompson,
  • AZ105 .K55 2015
  • summary | details
  • Internationalizing the Academy: Lessons Of Leadership in Higher Education
  • LB2376.4 .I597 2015x
  • summary | details
  • Managing the Graduate School Experience: From Acceptance to Graduation and Beyond
  • Rossman, Mark H.
  • LB2371 .R67 2015
  • summary | details
  • Manifesto for the Humanities: Transforming Doctoral Education in Good Enough Times
  • Smith, Sidonie,
  • LB2386 .S648 2016
  • summary | details
  • Mentoring Away the Glass Ceiling in Academia: A Cultured Critique
  • LC1568 .M46 2015
  • summary | details
  • New History Of the Humanities: The Search for Principles and Patterns from Antiquity to the Present
  • Bod, Rens, 1965-
  • AZ231 .B63 2013
  • summary | details
  • New Deal for the Humanities: Liberal Arts and the Future Of Public Higher Education
  • AZ183.U5 N49 2016
  • summary | details
  • Politics Of Performance Funding for Higher Education: Origins, Discontinuations, and Transformations
  • Dougherty, Kevin James.
  • LB2342 .D674 2015
  • summary | details
  • Privatization and the Public Good: Public Universities in the Balance
  • Lambert, Matthew T., 1977-
  • LB2341 .L24 2014x
  • summary | details
  • Putting the Local in Global Education: Models for Transformative Learning Through Domestic Off-campus Programs
  • LC6251 .P87 2015
  • summary | details
  • Reclaiming Conversation: The Power Of Talk in a Digital Age
  • Turkle, Sherry,
  • P96.T42 T85 2015x
  • summary | details
  • Revolution in Higher Education: How a Small Band Of Innovators Will Make College Accessible and Affordable
  • DeMillo, Richard A.
  • LA227.4 .D47 2015
  • summary | details
  • Scholar’s Survival Manual: A Road Map for Students, Faculty, and Administrators
  • Krieger, Martin H.
  • LB2371 .K75 2013
  • summary | details
  • Solitudes Of the Workplace: Women in Universities
  • LB2332.34.C2 S65 2015x
  • summary | details
  • Teacher, Scholar, Mother: Re-envisioning Motherhood in the Academy
  • HQ759.48 .T43 2015x
  • summary | details
  • Teaching Undergraduate Science: A Guide to Overcoming Obstacles to Student Learning
  • Hodges, Linda C., 1951-
  • Q181 .H687 2015
  • summary | details
  • To Restore American Democracy: Political Education and the Modern University
  • LC173 .T6 2006
  • summary | details
  • Transforming Institutions: Undergraduate Stem Education for the 21st Century
  • Q183.3.A1 T72 2016
  • summary | details
  • Undergraduate Experience: Focusing Institutions on What Matters Most
  • Felten, Peter,
  • LA229 .F46 2016
  • summary | details
  • Visual Design for Online Learning
  • Davis, Torria, 1966-
  • LB1044.87 .D384 2015
  • summary | details
  • Web Writing: Why and How for Liberal Arts Teaching and Learning
  • PN171.O55 W43 2015x
  • summary | details
  • Why We Need the Humanities: Life Science, Law and the Common Good
  • Drakeman, Donald L.,
  • AZ103 .D68 2016x
  • summary | details
  • Working Side by Side: Creating Alternative Breaks As Catalysts for Global Learning, Student Leadership, and Social Change
  • Sumka, Shoshanna,
  • LC220.5 .S86 2015
  • summary | details

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