Financial Aid for Students

How it works:

At EIU, 12 hours is considered full-time for the fall, spring, or summer terms and financial aid is available in the following manner:
  • Stafford and PLUS Loans - Must be enrolled at least half-time (6 cr) to receive assistance.
  • Perkins Loans - Must be full-time (12 cr) to receive assistance. Eligibility based on FAFSA and funding.
  • Federal Pell Grants – Award based on number of credit hours enrolled.  No additional funding in the summer.  Subject to lifetime eligibility limits.
  • MAP – There is no MAP award in the summer due to funding; however, you can use MAP during the academic year for study abroad (fall or spring semester) to pay for tuition and fees for most approved study abroad programs.
  • EIU and Private Scholarships - Depends on each and every scholarship and the adjoining stipulations.

Who Can I Talk To?

The Office of Study Abroad has partnered with the Office of Financial Aid to identify a primary contact person in the Office of Financial Aid. Mandi Starwalt meets with study abroad students to review their financial aid package and determine the availability of existing aid for a study abroad program. As a requirement for program application, any student that has a FAFSA on file and receives financial aid is required to speak to Mandi. She can be reached at or 217-581-7509.