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Study Abroad Newsletter

2010 Summer Edition


Director's Corner

I had the pleasure of visiting Morocco for a few days in July. I spent two nights in Ifrane and two nights in Meknes, both very different cities where Eastern Illinois University now offers study abroad programs...

... Read more



EIU Students Learn about Education the Bahamian Way

In May, Dan Carter and Marylin Lisowski took a group of education students to Andros Island in the Bahamas. Before they posed for the fabulous picture above, however, they spent plenty of time in classrooms gaining an unforgettable comparative education experience. Two students, Lauryn Coleman and Jenny Fletcher, were kind enough to share their stories with EIU Study Abroad... Read more


Exchange Programs: A Very Affordable Way to Study Abroad

FUN FACT:  A semester in Australia, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Japan, South Korea, or the United Kingdom can actually cost LESS than a semester at EIU.

Yes, that includes everything.  Airfare.  Tuition.  Room and board.  Spending money.  Even your passport and visa fees.

This is possible due to two underutilized perks of being an EIU student: 1) exchange programs, and 2) the tuition waiver scholarship... Read more


People You Might Meet Abroad

Gabrielle Gee is currently a senior who did an internship abroad in the Dominican Republic for one month (May 8th to June 4th). She went through an organization called "Orphanage Outreach."  She also studied abroad before for a full semester at Universidad de Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain during the Fall 2008 semester.  She's having another study abroad experience this summer at Universidad Veritas in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Gabrielle is a double major studying Communications and Spanish at EIU.  She is also in the Honors College and plans to graduate in the Spring 2011 semester. Somehow, though, she managed to find some time to catch up with Farhan Aziz to talk about her internship in the Dominican Republic... Read more


An Internship Abroad... with a Twist!

In today’s competitive job market it takes more than a degree to land a job after graduation. With so many people graduating with bachelor’s degrees these days, how do we set ourselves apart from the crowd? How do we make ourselves more marketable to future employers? How do we show we are different from the millions of other people applying for the same jobs? ... Read more

Letter from Abroad: A Faculty Perspective

Editor's Note: Dr. Kathleen Bower (Geology / Geography) is on sabbatical doing research in Costa Rica while teaching a class and learning Spanish at Universidad Veritas. She shared her first impressions of Costa Rica with us.

I was met at the airport by representatives of the Universidad de Veritas.  They collected a group of incoming Study Abroad students, then placed us on a small bus for the trip into San Jose.  The students are from the U.S. and seem very nice.  I felt that I was treated differently.  It was insisted that the ‘Seniora’ had her heavy bags carried for her; none of the other students had that privilege.  I guess age has privileges in Costa Rica... Read more

The Final Word: Take a Stroll--and Take it Easy!

It’s 4:30 a.m., and you’re cold, exhausted, and huddled together in a mass of hoodies and backpacks with 8 other girls who would like nothing more than a long nap and some hot coffee. I was in that mass of people shivering up against a train station wall, trying to take a nap on top of luggage. ... Read more