Toronto for Teachers
Location: Toronto, Canada


Student self-portraits at Shoreham Public School, TorontoStudent self-portraits from Shoreham Public School, Toronto


Department:Elementary Education, Middle-level Education, Secondary Education

Leaders:Judith Barford (
Dr. Dan Carter (
Dr. Rose Z. Gong (
Dawn Paulson (
Dr. Kiran Padmaraju (

: Education: Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle Level, and Secondary; Senior Seminar  

  Terms/Timeframe: Summer - 5/7/12 to 5/17/12 (overseas), plus on-campus meetings (depending on course credits)

Language: English

  Credits: 1-4

Budget: Cost Breakdown


Good Academic Standing
Good Judicial Standing
Eligibility for all Education courses is formal admission to Teacher Education. Passing score on the Basic Skills test for education majors.

  Application Deadlines:
January 11, 2013
  Application Materials:

EIU Program Application (Faculty-led Programs)

Basics for Faculty-led Programs (step by step from application to realization)


Academic Program

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Are you an EIU education major looking for an in-depth, in-school experience of multicultural communities and curriculum for diversity? Toronto for Teachers is for you! Find the world in this city. International education faculty from York University will lead you into one of the great school systems of North America. Professional skills are applied in workshops, guided tours, and classrooms with the children of Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Your placement will be customized for you in pre-K-12 classrooms with curriculum featuring ESL, equity and anti-bias instruction, and religious accommodations.  Every day invites you to explore the diversity and beauty of Toronto’s urban culture. Excursions to the countryside, to houses of worship, and to Niagara Falls are highlights. Put some sparkle on your summer and brighten your career in Canada!

Eligibility for all Education courses is formal admission to Teacher Education, which includes a criminal background check. The results of each student’s criminal background check must be filed with York University in order to be cleared for placement in Toronto District School Board schools.

"There was just so much to be learned and experienced while on this trip, 2 weeks just flew by and I feel as though a good portion of my heart was left behind. Again, just an absolutely phenomenal trip that I would take again in a moment's notice." -- Megan Reilly, Summer 2011 participant.

"I think this program was an excellent experience. The pre-reading and research was very helpful because I had a bit of an idea about how the school systems in Toronto operate. While the trip is short and there are lots of educational activities planned, there is also a decent amount of free-time to explore the city. Dan, Dawn and Judy were all amazing. They quickly learned everybody's name and major and often asked engaging questions about our schooling and our lives in general. They had excellent communication between themselves and the folks in Canada." -- Paula Cler, Summer 2010 participant.

"I wouldn't choose any other school to study for Elementary Education. While speaking with other education majors from other universities, they wished that they had the opportunity that EIU gives their students to study abroad in only 10 days. It is a great experience. 10 days is a perfect amount of time to study abroad and experience another country, especially when it comes to the education in a different country. I would definitely recommend it. Not only can you receive credit hours, but you also experience another way of life. If I could go back today, I would." -- Abigail Feldman, Summer 2010 participant.

Activities / Itinerary

Toronto for Teachers 2012, tentative itinerary.

Day 1 : Arrival, move-in to residence, 45 Willcocks, meet and greet with program directors and York University partners, evening meal at a UT campus restaurant.

Day 2: Overview, issues and realities: Education in Ontario, warm up activities, creative dramatics with Kathleen Gould Lundy. Ride the TTC to your placement school with York U. partner, explore Toronto’s neighborhoods on a Toronto Ambassador’s tour. Evening: Toronto Blue Jays baseball at Rogers Centre.

Day 3: Resources for Teaching Equity and Social Justice with Marcela Duran, afternoon visit to a model school, meet administrators, model lessons in classrooms and community tour. Evening: Canadian Identity tour at the Art Gallery of Ontario, York U. education majors as tour guides.

Day 4: Religious Accommodations Day. Visits to places of worship: Mosque with presentations and tour, BAPS Hindu Temple with presentations and tour, Museum of Hindu culture, Buddhist temple, Jewish synagogue. Free evening.

Day 5: Full day, school placement with mentor teacher.  Dialogue journal due.

Day 6: All day excursion to Niagara by the Lake and Niagara Falls.

Day 7: Free day, recommended excursions: Casa Loma, Toronto Islands, CNN Tower

Day 8: Full day, school placement with mentor teacher. Debriefing with Professor Marcela Duran. Dialogue journal due

Day 9: Full day, school placement with mentor teacher.  Debriefing, EIU instructors. Evening free.

Day 10: Travel to York University. Tour. Full group presentations day, discussion and concluding thoughts with York U. professors, Celebration and party food.   

Day 11: Pack and depart for Chicago.


Make course selections on your EIU Program Application. Below are the choices available for this program. Most students register for STG4000 for 1 credit hour. ELE3350, Language Arts, or EIU4107, senior seminar, or an independent study may be selected for additional credit hours not to exceed a total of 4 credit hours for the program.

Below are the choices available for this program:

Course Number: EDF 2555 (CourseID 4999)
Course Number: EIU 4105G (CourseID 5000)
Course Number: EIU4107G (CourseID 4666)
Course Number: ELE 3350 (CourseID 354)

Approved Substitute: None
Course Number: ELE 4850 (CourseID 5030)
Course Number: ELE 5990 (CourseID 357)
Approved Substitute: None
Course Number: ELE/SED/EDF 4741 (CourseID 356)
Approved Substitute: None
Course Number: STG 4000 (CourseID 355)
Approved Substitute: None


Accommodations are in the 45 Willcocks dormitory, summer residences, University of Toronto. Students and faculty directors are housed in private rooms. 


At least two pre-departure orientations will be provided and are required for all participants.

Your faculty leader will hold one of these orientations, where he/she will cover information on safety, health, legal, environmental, political, cultural, and religious conditions in the host country(ies), as well as planning logistics.

The Office of Study Abroad (OSA) will hold the other orientation. They will cover general information about traveling abroad to different areas of the world and facilitate a panel discussion composed of students who have already participated in faculty-led study abroad programs.

Necessary Documents

To enter a foreign country, you must have a valid passport. If you are a U.S. citizen and do not currently have a valid passport, or if your passport will expire during the time you will be overseas, please go to the U.S. State Department web site for information on how to apply for/renew your passport.

You are strongly encouraged to read the U.S. State Department's Consular Information Sheet on your host countries. It will provide you with a great deal of information to help you prepare for your trip.

**Please be aware that you are responsible for obtaining the most up-to-date information on entry requirements. The Office of Study Abroad only provides general information, as visa regulations and procedures are constantly changing. Please consult the Consulate for more information. **