Student Ambassadors

Students who receive a grant or scholarship award from the Office of Study Abroad are required to serve as a Study Abroad Ambassador for the semester or academic year directly after they complete their study abroad program. Study Abroad Ambassadors assist and mentor other students through a minimum of four hours of service. If you do not complete the four hours of service in two semesters, a registration and transcript hold will be placed on your account, which will prevent you from registering for classes. If you will graduate or otherwise move off campus the semester following your return, you may still accept the scholarship, but please see Molly Button ( immediately in the Office of Study Abroad for information regarding how you can complete the service requirement before you study abroad.


Student Ambassador Opportunity Guide

The best way to earn Ambassador Credit is to check your email regularly! Opportunities will be sent out via email whenever one arises. They are always on a first come first served basis, so make sure to reply if you would like to sign up. A reply email will be sent by a staff member to confirm the commitment. Finally, make sure to bring your Ambassador Log so that an OSA staff member or professor can verify that you participated or completed the opportunity. When the four hours are complete, return the completed log to the Study Abroad Office.

*Online sign-ups will be available in Fall 2014!


Earn 30 Minutes

● Testimonial: Write a paragraph (10-12 sentences) about your experience abroad to be posted on the OSA website.

● By showing up to an approved presentation, but then the professor cancels class or changes the day of the presentation

● Get creative: Create a flyer or poster to help advertise study abroad. Include pictures from your experience!


Earn 60 Minutes

● Classroom presentation: Along with an OSA staff member, assist in giving a presentation

● Pictures: Submit 30 pictures to You will not receive additional credit for submitting more than 30 photos

● Flyers: Hang up flyers for upcoming events around campus. Come by the study abroad office to pick up materials, and then plaster them around EIU

● Bulletin Board: With the assistance of an OSA staff member, help prepare, assemble, or take down a bulletin board

● Promote: Volunteer to be a part of a promotional study abroad video

● Table in the Union or assist in an informational meeting

● Attend a Study Abroad Society meeting or event


Earn more than 60 Minutes

● Blog: While you are overseas, or within a month or so after you have returned home, complete a blog which may be posted on the OSA website

● Create a short video of your time abroad. Remember this video may be posted on the OSA website or used as a presentation tool or visual aid

● Anytime your Ambassador opportunity runs over one hour or you sign up before hand for a longer shift


Remember, as a condition of your contract, you must complete all four hours. If you fail to do so, the grant or scholarship you received will be billed to your student account. In the event that this occurs, EIU may choose to withhold your diploma until the payment is fulfilled. View an example of the scholarship and grant contract here.


For other questions or more information contact:
Molly Button
(217) 581-7267