The Council on Graduate Studies met at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 2, 1999, in the Arcola/Tuscola Room of the MLK Union.

Members present: Dr. Augustine, Dr. Benedict, Dr. Carson, Dr. C. Helsel, Dr. Kayser, Dr. Lenihan, Dr. Raybin, Dr. Reven, Dr. L. Simpson.

Members absent: Ms. Kerrick, Dr. Liu.

Staff present: Ms. Dolson, Ms. Herrington-Perry, Academic Affairs.

Guests present: Dr. M. Brown, Mr. F. Goldacker, Dr. R. Robert, Dr. G. Strandberg, Dr. J. Wayland.

I. The Minutes of February 16, 1999, were approved as corrected:

    1. The Minutes of February 2, 1999, were approved as published.

VII. 2. PSY 5050 -- Change course title and description to: Therapeutic Practices II: Behavior Therapy with Children & Adolescents.

II. Communications:

    1. CAA Minutes of 2/11/99 and 2/18/99.
    2. COTE Minutes of 2/9/99.
    3. Faculty Senate Minutes of 2/9/99 and 2/16/99.
    4. Executive Action (2-24-99) from the Department of Counseling and Student Development.

III. 99-3 MBA Concentration in Accountancy, New Concentration.

Dr. Raybin moved and Dr. Lenihan seconded the motion to put this item on the agenda. Voting and discussion will be at the April 6 meeting.

IV. 99-2 Psychology Major, Revision.

Dr. James Havey and Dr. Genie Lenihan, Psychology, presented the revision. The motion to approve the revision passed unanimously.

This action approves the following to become effective Fall 1999:


The Psychology Department offers the Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology, which is designed for students with career interests in clinical, counseling, or community psychology. Admission to the graduate program in psychology is limited by the number of available openings in the department.

Degrees Offered: M.A. Major: Clinical Psychology

M.A. Admission Requirements: A limited number of students are accepted each year; admission to the program is competitive. Prior to consideration for acceptance, students must provide evidence of admission to the Graduate School and completion of the GRE (General) test. Three letters of recommendation attesting to the applicant's potential for successful completion of graduate work must also be submitted. In addition, students must meet at least one of the following requirements in order to be considered for admission:

A 3.0 grade point average in all undergraduate courses and a 3.25 GPA in undergraduate psychology (based upon a 4 point scale).

A minimum composite score (verbal, quantitative, and analytical) of 1500 on the GRE.

In the unusual situation where a student does not meet the specific entrance requirements, but believes he or she warrants exceptional consideration, the student may petition the departmental clinical psychology committee for consideration.

Applications and other supporting data should be submitted to the Graduate School Office prior to March 1 for consideration for admission the following Fall Semester.

To gain admission, applicants must present a transcript from a regionally accredited college or university showing the completion of twenty semester hours of course work in psychology. The following courses are required for admission:

Statistics Experimental Psychology

Abnormal Psychology Learning or Behavioral Management

  Courses considered critical and strongly recommended include:

Tests and Measurement Developmental Psychology (Child or Adolescent)

Personality Theory

Deficiencies in course work must be made up prior to or concurrently with the graduate program. Petitions for waiver and/or substitution may be made to the departmental clinical psychology committee.

Description of Major: The Psychology master's degree program is designed for students with career interests in clinical, counseling, or community psychology. Students with interests in these areas are required to complete course work which facilitate the development of clinical skills and competencies. These courses cover the areas of psychological assessment, therapy, and research, including completion of a thesis. A two-semester internship in an approved agency setting under both agency and academic clinical supervision transpires in the second year.

M.A. Degree Requirements: A student is awarded the Master of Arts degree in psychology following successful completion of at least 48 semester hours of graduate course work consistent with the student's study plan, successful completion of a comprehensive examination and receipt of the Certificate of Comprehensive Knowledge, completion of the Clinical Internship, and completion of a Masterís Thesis.

Study Plan Approval: The Study Plan shall be approved by the departmental clinical psychology committee and filed with the departmental graduate coordinator prior to the final semester of study.

Core Courses:

PSY 5025 Psychological Assessment I 4 s.h.

PSY 5026 Psychological Assessment II 4 s.h.

PSY 5035 Advanced Psychopathology 3 s.h.

PSY 5040 Psychotherapy 3 s.h.

PSY 5060 Cognitive Behavior Therapy 3 s.h.

PSY 5070 Group Psychotherapy 3 s.h.

PSY 5560 Marriage and Family Therapy 3 s.h.

PSY 5710 Research Design and Statistical Analysis I 4 s.h.

PSY 5711 Research Design and Statistical Analysis II 3 s.h.

PSY 5900 Internship In Clinical Psychology I 6 s.h.

PSY 5980 Internship In Clinical Psychology II 6 s.h.

PSY 5950 Thesis 6 s.h.


PSY 5580 Advanced Crisis Intervention 3 s.h.

PSY 5800 Psychotherapy with Diverse Populations 3 s.h.

CSD 5920 Life Style and Career Development 3 s.h.

CSD 5970 Counseling the Chemically Dependent 3 s.h.

Graduate Assistantships are available in the Psychology Department. Extramural assistantships with duties in area mental health and other service agencies, and paid internships may be available. A graduate assistantship application needs to be completed at the time of application to the program. Contact the Graduate Coordinator for Clinical Psychology, phone (217) 581-2127.

  1. 98-44 1999-2000 Catalog Revision.

Dean Augustine gave a brief presentation on these revisions. Voting will be at the March 30 meeting.

VI. 99-1 Graduate Assistantship Reallocations.

This item was postponed by consensus until the next meeting.

  1. Executive Director's Report.

Dean Augustine discussed the results of the Assessment Planning Task Force. The Task Force recommended combining UAAC and GEAC into the Committee on Assessment of Student Learning (CASL).

The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m. Sally Dolson, Recording Secretary.

Please note: All Council Minutes and Agenda are available on the Web at http://www.eiu.edu/~eiucgs.



Tuesday, March 30, 1999, 2:00 p.m.

Casey Room, MLK Union

Agenda: 98-43 Thesis Guidelines Revision. (Postponed until draft is presented.)

    1. 1999-2000 Catalog Revision.

99-3 MBA Concentration in Accountancy, New Concentration.