The Council on Graduate Studies met at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 2, 1999, in the Arcola/Tuscola Room of the MLK Union.

Members present: Dr. Augustine, Dr. Emmett, Dr. Key, Dr. Lenihan, Dr. Raybin, Dr. Reven, Dr. Simpson, Dr. Wayland, and Ms. Heidel.

Members absent: Dr. Costa and Dr. Liu.

Staff present: Ms. Quick, Graduate School.

Guests present: None.

  1. Minutes.

The Minutes of September 21, 1999 and October 5, 1999, were approved as published.

II Communications

    1. Faculty Senate Minutes of 10-5-99, 10-12-99, 10-19-99.
    2. CAA Minutes of 9-30-99, 10-7-99, 10-14-99, 10-21-99.
    3. College of Sciences Minutes of 10-1-99 and 10-8-99.
    4. Memo from Textbook Rental Advisory Committee requesting a graduate student representative.
    5. College of Education and Professional Studies Minutes of 10-11-99.

III Committee Reports

    1. CGS Thesis Guidelines: Dr. Augustine distributed the completed revision for CGS to review at the next meeting.
    2. Library Advisory Board: Dr. Key reported the board passed 3 resolutions. Information regarding the Triad Computer Lab and Governor Edgarís papers was reviewed.
    3. Textbook Rental Advisory Board: Dr. Lenihan reported that the board discussed raising the textbook rental fee. She also reported that he Advisory Board discussed raising the amount each faculty member could spend on textbooks in each class.
    4. Enrollment Management: Dr. Wayland reported that the issues discussed at the meeting dealt with undergraduate issues.
    5. IV 99-11, CHM 4750, Environmental Chemistry

      Dr. Raybin moved and Dr. Simpson seconded the motion to put this item on the agenda.

      V Human Subjects Review Proposal

      This item is postponed until Dr. Lenihan meets with the Director of Grants and Research.

      VI Executive Directorís Report

      1. Executive Actions: Dr. Augustine presented the following executive actions from the College of Sciences:
        1. ECN 4813 -- Change course title from "Economics of Eastern Europe and Eurasia" to "Transition Economies".
        2. PLS 4793 -- Change course title from "Public Administration: Organization and Process" to "Public Organization Theory".
        3. PLS 4873 -- Change course title from "Government Personnel Administration" to "Human Resource Management in Government".
        4. PLS 4893 -- Change course title from "Government Budgeting and Taxation" to "Government Budgeting and Financial Management" and change course description to read as follows: "An analysis of the various methods and techniques of public budgeting including an examination of revenue and expenditure patterns and important aspects of federal, state, and local financial management. Prerequisite: PLS 1153C or permission of the instructor."
        5. PLS 4903 -- Change course title from "Political Theory: Ancient, Medieval and Modern" to "Classic Political Theory".
      1. Up-dated Approvals Requested for Curriculum Change: Dr. Augustine distributed an up-dated version of this document.
      2. New IBHE Tuition Waiver Guidelines: Dr. Augustine up-dated the council on the new guidelines that require departments to identify what procedures are used to select graduate assistants who receive tuition waivers.
      3. Illinois Association of Graduate Schools Meeting October 21 and 22: Dr. Augustine provided a summary of the meeting which included changes in the GRE and TOEFL tests, new IBHE processes for program review and approval, and legal issues related to graduate admissions and use of human subjects.
      4. Meeting with Indiana University Graduate School October 27: Dr. Augustine provided a brief summary of his trip to Indiana University with Bud May, Director of Grants & Research, to discuss issues related to sponsored projects and graduate administration.
      5. External Review of the Office of Grants & Research November 2 and 3: Dr. Augustine provided an up-date on the visit.
      6. Spring 2000 Graduate Forum Series: Dr. Augustine urged CGS members to encourage submissions and extended the deadline until November 19.

VIII 98-43, Thesis Guidelines Revision.

This item is postponed until a revision is presented.


Dr. Wayland moved and Dr. Simpson seconded a motion to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.



Tuesday, November 16, 1999, 2:00 p.m.

Arcola/Tuscola Room, MLK Union