Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the elected representative voice of the Faculty of Eastern Illinois University. The goal of the Faculty Senate is to represent faculty in the shared governance of the university, in the best interests of the university, its students and employees.


Meetings AY 2019-2020

Meetings are held at 2:00 p.m. in Witters Conference Room 4440, Booth Library, unless noted otherwise on the agenda. 

Minutes from previous sessions are available here.

November 12 Agenda  Minutes
December 3 Agenda  Minutes
January 14 Agenda  Minutes
January 28
February 11 Agenda  
February 25    
March 10    
March 31    
April 14


Members AY 2019-2020

Chair: Wharram      Vice-Chair: Stowell      Recorder: Holly


Abebe, Teshome 2021 Economics tabebe@eiu.edu
Barnard, Bruce 2022 School of Technology bkbarnard@eiu.edu
Brantley, Steve 2020 Library Services jsbrantley@eiu.edu
Chahyadi, Candra "Chuck" 2021 Finance cchahyadi@eiu.edu
Eckert, Stefan 2020 Music seckert@eiu.edu
Holly, Donald 2021 Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminology dhholly@eiu.edu
Hugo, Nichole 2021 Hospitality nhugo@eiu.edu
Oliver, Jon "Tony" 2022 Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation jaoliver@eiu.edu
Scher, Steve 2022 Psychology sjscher@eiu.edu
Shaw, Katherine 2020 Art & Design kashaw2@eiu.edu
Shaw, Nicholas 2022 Theatre Arts neshaw@eiu.edu
Stowell, Jeff 2020 Psychology jrstowell@eiu.edu
VanGunten, Dawn 2020 Teaching, Learning, & Foundations dvangunten@eiu.edu
Wharram, C.C. 2021 English ccwharram@eiu.edu
White, Larry 2022 School of Business lrwhite2@eiu.edu


Non-Voting Student Members

Noor Khamisani               Student Vice President of Academic Affairs    


  • 2019 Distinguished Faculty Award

  • Gary Aylesworth - 2018 Distinguished Faculty Award recipient
  • Dr. Newton Key (History)

Distinguished Faculty Award Information


2019 Luis Clay Mendez Distinguished Service Award

Heidi Larson - 2017 Mendez Award recipient

Dr. Danelle Larson (Music)

Luis Clay Mendez Distinguished Service Award Information