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Current Master Plan - 2010

Previous Master Plan - 2002


What is a Campus Master Plan?

Planning is important for all large organizations; universities are not exempt. Campus master planning has existed in the United States for at least two centuries, beginning with Thomas Jefferson's plan for the University of Virginia. Ancient examples can be found in Islamic campuses.

Master planning assists in avoiding the errors that could result from planning individual projects on a piecemeal basis. Short-term decisions often give little consideration to the ramification of those decisions. Campus master plans can address an institution's long-term as well as short-term needs.

Eastern Illinois University has both a vision statement and a mission statement. There are university goals and objectives held by individual departments, colleges and divisions. In order to be achieved, many of the goals and objectives require changes in campus facilities, buildings and grounds. A campus master plan will assist in coordinating these physical changes.

However, a master plan does not mean unlimited resources will suddenly become available. A master plan is often used to assist in dealing with many needs and few resources. Eastern is nationally recognized for its high value and low cost; a campus master plan will assist the university in remaining a highly valued, cost-effective, quality institution.

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