E-Number and Password Changes

ITS has implementing a new procedure for how users are able to requests their E-Number. If a user requests their E-Number they will be required to answer a series of questions to verify their identity. After answering the appropriate questions correctly, the user will be provided their E-Number.

With this change ITS will also be implementing a new procedure for changing a user’s password. If a user needs the Help Desk to reset their password, they will be required to provide a photo ID. This ID can be sent to support@eiu.edu with their E-Number and phone number. The Help Desk will then call the user back and assist with resetting their password.

It is strongly encouraged that all users go to password.eiu.edu and enroll in the Password Management System. Once logging in a user can click the Enrollment tab and create three security questions. In addition, if the user clicks the Verification Code tab, they will be able to register a mobile phone number and alternate email address. Once completed a user can reset their password by going to password.eiu.edu and answering these security questions or by sending a verification code to either their mobile phone or alternate email address.

For additional information about these changes as well as the forms of ID which are required for resetting your password please see our policy and self help pages.


Password Self-Help