Synthetic Safety Test by Fatigue and Tensile Test Bed

Since 2013, Dr. Isaac Slaven, assistant professor in the School of Technology, has been working with students to test ropes for industrial purposes. The story began when he realized there are some misconceptions about the ropes’ strength between what manufacturers say and what has been told to consumers by retailers. Thus, Slaven and his team decided to test the ropes for different uses, including industrial safety use, to determine the correct answers to the questions and provide precise information for both customers and industries.

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Center for Online Learning Cultivates a New Path in Instructional Design with Webinars

With the rigorous change in technology, obtaining knowledge in the most efficient way possible is essential to the learning process. Traditionally, learning has always taken place within classrooms and labs; then again, through the integration of online learning platforms, there has been a major revolution in the way the common student is learning today. From online learning platforms, the student is given the ability to still participate, all from the comfort of home.

For Christine Stricker, CATS’s instructional design specialist for online learning, utilizing Blackboard Collaborative, an online virtual classroom, has provided the Center for Online Learning the ability to reach EIU’s faculty from distances near and far; furthermore, Blackboard Collaborative incorporates the ability to communicate via video stream between both the students and instructors of the classroom.

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