PantherTech Status Page

In order to see the current status of certain EIU IT services, please click here. This link shows the current status of EIU’s technology services such as Panthermail, Desire to Learn (D2L), PAWS, and many others. Service outages, technical issues and scheduled maintenance should be reflected on this page.

The list of services are broken up into different sections to assist with navigating through the many services. There are two main sections a student or faculty member will need to pay attention to. The first is Enterprise Services, which includes important services such as Panthermail, Panthercard, and the Password Management tool. The other is Instructional Services, which contains services such as D2L and PAWS.

There are different statuses that a service could be experiencing. A green status indicates the service is operational. If the status is blue, then the service is experiencing some performance issues. A yellow indicator means that the service is having a partial outage. A partial outage means some users may have issues with the service while others can use the service without any problems. Lastly, a red indicator means that the service has a major outage and that it is not working for anyone.

Updates can be found on our Twitter account (#PantherTechHelp). If, for whatever reason, you are still having issues with an EIU technology service but our status page indicates the service is operational, you can find additional help at the PantherTech website or by calling the Help Desk at 217-581-4357.