Safeguarding EIU Data

At Eastern Illinois University, we must be aware and safeguard the information of our students, employees, and future Panthers.

Sensitive information can be stored in many ways: on a website, in a database, on paper copies, or within an electronic document. Information that is considered sensitive can include: name, date of birth, social security numbers, grades, bank routing number,
credit card number, insurance, health information or tax information. All of it must be protected.

Tips for safeguarding our data

  • Be mindful of what you throw away in a trash can. Always shred documents containing sensitive information in alignment with our retention policy.  Additional information regarding the retention policy can be found at
  • Never share or request sensitive information via unencrypted sources, such as email.
  • Only use EIU-supported platforms to store sensitive information. Do not copy sensitive information to personal devices or services such as Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Do not store information on unencrypted devices (flash drives, portable hard drives, or cell phones).
  • Be aware and report phishing emails to
  • Lock your office door when you leave.
  • Lock your computer when leaving your desk.
  • File away papers containing sensitive information when leaving your desk; do not leave them visible or accessible.
  • Be attentive to employee changes and let ITS know if an employee no longer requires access to systems, places, or information by emailing
  • Do not reuse passwords or write them down and store them in easily accessible locations such as on your monitor, under your keyboard or under your mouse pad.

Thank you,
Aaron B. Allison, EIU Panthertech Security
Information Technology Services | Eastern Illinois University
217.581.1939 | Office365 Teams: aballison |