EIU Sufi Meditation Club

The purpose of this organization is to encourage spirituality (self-realization), promote spiritual pluralism (belief that all spiritual paths lead to the same goal), instill inner peace through Zikr Meditation, cultivate love for everything on our beautiful planet, and encourage living with contentment and gratitude.

While the stresses of life never cease and always seem to be increasing, meditation offers a method of dealing with these stresses and helps to develop peace in the heart. After consistent practice of meditation, people often find themselves slower to anger, more patient and compassionate, and better able to handle stressful situations.

For those seeking to bring more peace and tranquility into their lives, we offer basic meditation sessions on Mondays at our meditation center at 1113 Lincoln Ave., across from the Thai restaurant.

Time schedule for Spring 2016:

February: 6:15-6:45

March: 6:15-6:45

April: 6:30-7:00


As for those who are more spiritually inclined, the goal of meditation is to help individuals be the best practitioners of their particular path. We encourage all people to follow the path that resonates with them the most while tolerating and respecting the paths that others choose to follow. However, it is okay if attendees do not follow a particular path--the goal is the same for everyone: to become a more loving, gentle, and compassionate person. For more information on the spiritual tradition from which this meditation comes, please visit the "What is Sufism" tab, or visit our website at www.qsfa.org

We encourage newcomers to first attend the Monday sessions to learn the meditation, and if you are interested in a more spiritual approach, we have meditation sessions with our murshid (teacher) on Friday evenings at 5:30 p.m. at the same location.

We are always unconditionally open to all people of all beliefs (or lack thereof) and only ask attendees to be respectful to everyone. Tea and light food will be served at all sessions.