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Eastern Illinois University - Charleston, IL
Standard Report Directory

Report Name Report Description
Application CountsFinancial Aid application counts for all students
Financial Aid ApplicationFinancial Aid Application
Financial Aid FundFinancial Aid Fund
Financial Aid VerificationsChecks for Financial Aid Requiments
Freshman Application CountsFinancial Aid Application Counts for 1st time Freshmen
Fund TermStudents receiving financial aid fund for the term
ZRR0001Requirement Tracking Discrepancy NSLDS Problem
ZRR0002Req. Tracking Discrepancy Drug Problem Cleared
ZRR0003Req. Tracking Disc. - Bankrupt/Discharged Loans
ZRR0004Req. Tracking Disc. - Bankrupt/Discharged Loans
ZRR0005Req. Tracking Disc. - Citizenship Problem
ZRR0006Req. Tracking Disc. - Citizenship - G845
ZRR0007Req. Tracking Dsicrepancy NSLDS Default
ZRR0008Req. Tracking Discrepancy Vet Discrepancy
ZRR0009Req. Tracking Discrepancy NSLDS Loan Total Exceeds Limit
ZRR0010Req. Tracking Discreapncy PJ Performed
ZRR0012Req. Tracking Discrepancy Review Subs. Trans.
ZRR0013Req. Tracking Discrepancy Born Before Assump.
ZRR0014Req. Tracking Discrepancy Student # in College
ZRR0015Req. Tracking Discrepancy Parent # in College
ZRR0016Req. Tracking Discrepancy IL Residency
ZRR0017Disc. Dependents Other than Spouse/Children
ZRR0018Req. Tracking Discrepancy Vet Discrepancy
ZRR0019Req. Tracking Discrepancy Class Problem
ZRR0020Req. Tracking Discrepancy NSLDS Problem
ZRR0021Req. Tracking Discrepancy Secondary Match
ZRR0022NSLDS Post-Screening Default Added
ZRR0023NSLDS Post-Screening Overpayment Added
ZRR0024NSLDS Post-Screening Default Resolved
ZRR0025NSLDS Post-Screening Overpayment Resolved
ZRR0026NSLDS Post-Screening Loan Discharge Status


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