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Standard Report Directory

Report Name Report Description
10th Day Enrollment By Freeze By Course SubjectAllows you to view enrollment for previous semesters via 10th Day Freeze.
ACT Score Contact ReportCreates A List Of All Students With Test Dates In A Particular Range
Admit/Not RegisteredThis report identifies individuals admitted and not registered.
Admitted Students and Net PasswordsReport of admitted students with addresses, net ids, and passwords.
Advisee Class Listing By AdvisorThis a report that pulls up all registered students for a given advisor.
Advisee Report for Select AdvisorAdvisee Report for Select Advisor
Advisees by MinorAllows Advisers to find students with a specific minor and their e-mail.
Advisement Sheets by AdvisorThis a report that pulls up all registered students for a given advisor for a given semester.
Advisor Grade SheetsGrade Sheet for Advisors
Advisor Grade SheetsAdvisor Grade Sheets
All GraduatesIdentifies Students Planning for Graduation for a Given Academic Period
All Majors and New Majors ListingThis report pulls in a listing of all Majors and based upon a date selection.
All Scheduled Building and RoomsThis report describes all scheduled courses assigned to buildings and rooms for a given term.
Alternate ID's and Duplicate NamesThis report creates a list of Individuals who have an alternate ID.
Applicant Information By DateCreates an output intended for mail merge where a letter can be sent to all students applied.
Applicant Information By DateCreates an output intended for mail merge where a letter can be sent to all students.
Application for Graduate Applicant Listing - XLSApplication for Graduation Applicant Listing - XLS
Application For GraduationCreates a list of all applications for graduation in a given time frame out of PRODODS or REPORTDB.
Application For Graduation and SHADGMQ ReportIdentifies students who applied for graduation and their program information.
Application for Graduation Applicant ListingApplication for Graduation Applicant Listing
Application for Graduation by Major Applicant ListingApplication for Graduation by Major Applicant Listing
Application For Graduation Labels - Sorted By Degree and NamePrints labels for students who have applied for graduation.
Application For Graduation Labels - Sorted By NamePrints labels for students who have applied for graduation.
Application For Graduation Labels By Term, College, Degree, and Address Type. Sorted AlphabeticallyPrints labels for students who have applied for graduation.
Applied For Graduation With HC AddressIdentifies students who have applied for graduation and who have an on-campus address.
Audit report of grade changes and repeat indicator changes.Identifies students who had a grade changed or a repeat indicator changed.
Beta, Beta, Beta Honors RSOIdentifies science majors for Beta, Beta Beta Honors RSO
Boost and Gateway GPA and ACT InfoThis report looks at Boost and Gateway Cohorts.
Certified for Graduation Applicant ListingCertified for Graduation Applicant Listing
Charged Commencement Fees TwiceA List of students who have been charged commencement fees twice.
Class Roster - Specific Course or CRNClass Roster - Specific Course or CRN
College for GraduationThis report identifies all students graduating who ar egraduating under legacy programs.
College RankA report deriving rank and quartile for graduating students.
Consececutive Semester Academic Standing ChangeThis report Identifies changes in academic stanidng between two identified academic periods.
Course Cancelation NotificationsThis report serves to notify departments when courses are canceled.
Course Catalog Informaiton by SubjectUses REPORTDB to pull all catalogue information for the chosen SUBJECT.
Course Offerings By InstructorProvides a report of all Faculty teaching classes based on courses offered for the given period.
Course Registration & Textbook SearchThis report looks at the last registration status for any student who has ever been registered.
Course Schedule By SubjectSelect courses matching by subject and term.
Courses Being Offered by Term and Time StartThis report lists the courses being offered by time that they start in a term.
Courses That Are Canceled Or InactiveCourses that have been canceled or inactive.
Current High School ListingA list of all High Schools for a determined academic period.
Custom Student CountsThis report allows you to count various student populations on the fly and have results immediately.
DARS Institutions That Are Missing An Address RecordDARS institutions that are missing an address record
DARS Replacement CoursesDARS Replacement Courses
Deans List with Top 50 Transfer SchoolsThis report identifies all students on the deans and provost list and there transfer schools.
Degrees Awarded by Major and DegreeDegrees Awarded by Major and Degree
Enrolled Student by Major SummariesEnrolled Student by Major Summaries
Enrolled Student by Minor SummariesEnrolled Student by Minor Summaries
Enrolled Studetns by MinorEnrolled Studetns by Minor
Enrollment by Level10th Day report on student classification.
Enrollment FunnelEnrollment Funnel that compares like information for different years and semesters
Enrollment ReportCombines all enrollment reports into one interface and graphs out the information as well.
Enrollment Summary by Subject for Seats TakenEnrollment Summary by Subject for Seats Taken
Enrollment Summary of Seats Taken by Subj/Crse/SectEnrollment Summary of Seats Taken by Subj/Crse/Sect
Enrollment Summary Report of New Freshman and Transfers by Course/SectEnrollment Sum Rpt of New Freshman and Transfers by Course/Sect
Faculty E-mailsThis Report Provides Name and E-mails of Faculty for a given Academic Period
Faculty Senate Election Eligibility ListsProvides a list of all Unit A Tenured and Probationary Faculty including library staff that are elig
Faculty Without Contract TypesThis report is to be run to find all Faculty without contract types, so that they can be fixed.
Failed SPE Courses by TermA report that produces information about students who failed SPE course by term.
First Time Academic WarningIdentifies students that are on Academic Warning for the first time.
Freshman Over 21 Who Live Off CampusProvides, E#, Address and E-mail for individuals with a birth year less than or equal to birth year
General Pre-RequisiteThis block identifies students who take a higher level class, get credit and than take a lower level
GR's and PB's with > 16 HrsIdentifies All Graduate and Post Baccalaureate Student who are registered for greater than 16 hours.
Grade Rosters That Are Missing GradesIdentifies grade rosters that are missing final grades.
Grade Sheets By Degree and MajorThis a report that pulls up all registered students for a given degree and major.
Graduates Search by Majors, Minors and ConcentrationsIdentifies Students Eligible for Graduation for a Given Academic Period
Graduating Minority StudentsA List of All Minority Students Graduating.
Graduation List for Commencement OfficeGraduation List for Commencement Office
High School Foreign Language ExemptionA list of students who have a High School Foreign Language Exempetion.
Identify Honor Society CandidatesThis report identifies School of Technology honor society candidates by semester.
Identifying Admits By DepartmentThis Report Identifyies Admits By Department
Inactive Advisee ListThis report provides a list of inactive students attached to an advisor.
Instructor Assignment to Senior SeminarsProvides a list of all senior seminar courses offered and ifnormation about the instructor.
Labels - Application For Graduation By College and Degree In Name Order.Print labels of students graduating in name order.
Labels - Application For Graduation By College and Degree. Sorted by degree and name.Print labels of students graduating by college and degree(s).
List of All Active ProgramsA list of all Academic Programs
List of SeniorsA Report used to list all seniors with over 90 hours for a given academic period.
List of Students Approved to GraduateList of Students Approved to Graduate
Lost or Gained Students Registered ReportThis report identifies all students given and lost in enrollement counts for a given time period.
Majors Meeting Minimum GPAThis is a report that allows you to select an academic period and major and than a GPA. The report r
Majors, Concentrations, and MinorsGet E-Mail Addresses For Majors, Concentrations, or Minors
New Admits and Registered Students By High SchoolSupplies E-Number, ID and Major for all students admitted to EIU for a given semester.
New Apllicants Missing InformationCreates an output intended for letter creation where a letter can be sent to all students.
Non-Credit ThesisReport of departments with non-credit thesis.
Overload ReportReport to Identify Students who are breaking overload rules.
Override Workload ReportThis report identiifies individuals with override work loads for specified CRN's
Pending Graduation ListGraduation List for Commencement Office
Person Datail by Birth YearProvides, E#, Address and E-mail for individuals with a given birth year.
Prerequsite ReportsThis report identifies all students not meetingdesignated prereqs.
Psychology CoursesThis report offers a breakdown of all courses being offered by subject.
Readmitted Students Previously A.D.This Report identifies students who are ReAdmitted after being Academic Dismissed.
Registered Student EmailsA report that returns all studsents for given semester that are registered for a given CRN.
Registered Student SearchA way for you to search for students schedule ifnormation.
Registration Audit By IndividualA report that identifies all registration transactions for a given individual.
Repeat CoursesThis report is used to find repeated courses throughout a students academic history.
Report of missing grades - only for term enteredReport of missing grades - only for term entered
Residency Check ReportA Report that checks residency of Freshman and Transfer students.
Scholarship eligibility list of out of state applicants.Identifies out of state 1st time applicants who are eligible for a scholarship.
Scholarship Information By MajorThis report identifies students in a particular major and provides qualifying criteria.
Scholarship Search based on Program, GPA and Credits EarnedIdentifies individuals who are eligible for Scholarships based on their program.
Section Level PrerquisitesProvides a list of all scheduled courses for a given semester that require prerequisites.
Sections Missing Attributes in or After 200790Sections identified that do not have Course Attributes as they should.
Senior AppealIdentify graduating seniors for a gift to the Senior Class
Student by Major - Courses Completed by SubjectReport uses a term, major, course subjects and minimum credits to pull in a given student population
Student Course Registration Status by CRN plus GPAThis report identifies student course registration by CRN including Cum GPA.
Student Information By Transfer SchoolsThis report determines all students who have attended a given institution.
Student Not in Good Standing By CollegeThe user will select the academic period and they will get all students from the College selected.
Student Registration SearchThis report is utilized in order to view all registration activity for a given student. This report
Student Repeat Renamed CoursesAllows you to check for all students who have repeated a course that has been renamed.
Student s on Academic Warning for the First Time by Admission PopulationReport identifies all students in a given admission population on Academic Warning.
Student Waitlists By Course SubjectReport lets you check for students waitlisted pryor to a given day.
Students Academically DismissedStudents academically dismissed.
Students admitted but not registeredA report identifying all students who are admitted but not registered for a given semester.
Students by First Minor of Primary or NonPrimary ProgramsStudents by First Minor of Primary or NonPrimary Programs
Students By ProgramThis report allows the user to find all students by a specified Program.
Students by Second Minor of Primary or NonPrimary ProgramsStudents by Second Minor of Primary or NonPrimary Programs
Students Disissed By MajorIdentifies students who were dismissed in a major.
Students Meeting High School Transcript RequirementA List of students meeting HST1 requirement for admission.
Students New Permanent AddressProvides a list of all students who are students for given academic period.
Students on Academic Warning 1st TImeStudents on Academic Warning 1st Time
Students Under 21 with Less Than 30 Hours Who Live Off CampusProvides, E#, Address and E-mail for individuals with a birth year greater than selected who live of
Students who attended but neve graduatedThis report contains a list of students who attended EIU and never graduated.
Students who attended but neve graduatedThis report contains a list of students who attended EIU and never graduated.
Students with greater than 44 Hrs and High School DeficienciesA List of Students with Greater than 44 Hrs and High School Deficiencies
Students with Schedules that are Inactive due to GraduationA report of student that have an active class schedule and a student status of IG
Students without AdvisersThis report creates a list of students from the current selected semester that are registered.
Study Abroad Courses - Attribute ListThis report identifies all courses scheduled for a given academic period that are assigned 'STA'
Summary of Seats Remaining by Subj/Crse/SectionSummary of Seats Remaining by Subj/Crse/Section
Summary of Seats Remaining by SubjectSummary of Seats Remaining by Subject
Technology Statistics for Course OfferingsThis report looks at the technilogical delivery methods for courses that are offered.
The President's Award CandidatesThis report consists of all native new freshman who were admitted for the selected period. GPA and c
Total Enrollment For ClassesTotal Enrollment of Selected Classes
Tracking Readmits by Semester and AdvisorThis report is used for tracking readmits and provides their last semester attended.
Tracking StudentsThis report tracks students based on Major, Minor or Concentration.
Transfer Info By MajorA report of all transfer students by individual majors.
Transfer Student Information By CollegeA Report That Identifies all Transfer Students for given university.
Transfer students with less than 30 hours.A list of all transfer students with less than 30 hours.
Witdrawn Students by DateA Report of all students who have withdrawn from all classes.
Withdrawl/DropThis report utilizes a comparison of total credits to withdrawn or dropped credits to identify stude
ZSHR2055 Major Grd SheetsCondensed Grade Report
ZSS to PED Repeat CoursesThis report provides repeat courses in regards to the renaming of all PED course to KSS courses.


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