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Eastern Illinois University - Charleston, IL

Report Name: ZRR0003

Report Status: Published Internal

Report Alias: Req. Tracking Disc. - Bankrupt/Discharged Loans

Tools Used: Crystal Reports

Report File:

Category: Financial Aid

Sourced From: Production

Distributed By: Reportal

Sponsoring Organization: Financial_Aid

Contact Information: Dave Bailey

Report Format: rePortal


Short Description: Req. Tracking Disc. - Bankrupt/Discharged Loans

Full Description: Requirement Tracking Discrepancy - Bankrupt/Discharged Loans/Update Aid Preference

Keywords: Requirement Tracking Discrepancy - Bankrupt/Discharged Loans


Column Name:

Sort Sequence: Name

Logic Used:

Prompts: Aid Year, Begin Load Date, End Load Date


Expected Audience: Financial Aid Office

Frequency: As requested

Expected Runtime: 1 minute

Orginal Date Published: N/A

Last Published: N/A

Usage Instructions:

Change History:


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