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Eastern Illinois University - Charleston, IL

Report Name: Freshman Application Counts

Report Status: Published Internal

Report Alias: Freshman Application Counts

Tools Used: Crystal Reports

Report File:

Category: Financial Aid

Sourced From: Production

Distributed By: Reportal

Sponsoring Organization: Financial_Aid

Contact Information: Tracy Hall

Report Format: reportal viewable in PDF


Short Description: Financial Aid Application Counts for 1st time Freshmen

Full Description: This report lists how many first time freshman financial aid applications have been received, how many of those students have been selected for verification, and how many have been packaged with financial aid.

Keywords: Financial Aid Freshman Application Counts


Column Name:

Sort Sequence: None

Logic Used: Crystal

Prompts: Aid Year


Expected Audience: Financial Aid Administration/Enrollment Management

Frequency: Once a month or more frequent

Expected Runtime: 1 - 2 minutes

Orginal Date Published: 7/12/2007

Last Published: 10/6/2008

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