Student Senate Secretary Position Application

Student Senate Secretary Position Application

To be considered for employment, this form must be completed entirely and all eligibility requirements must be met.

Upon completing this application, please forward a professional resume to Maralea Negron, If you have any sample minutes you've taken at a meeting in the past, please include them in the email as well.

Eligibility Requirements:
- Must be available Wednesdays at 7pm
- Must have excellent computer skills (Email, Word, and Excel)
- Minimum GPA of 2.5 with good academic standing
- Must be a currently enrolled and fulltime student
- Must be in good disciplinary standing

Responsibilities/Outline of Position:
- Shall be compensated $300 per semester.
- Shall record and maintain all minutes of Student Senate meetings and send them out immediately after each meeting.
- Shall send all Bills and Resolutions to proper administration officers for consideration.
- Shall be appointed by the Speaker of the Student Senate and approved by the Senate.
- Shall be under the direct supervision of the Speaker.
- Shall assume other powers and duties as designated by the Speaker.

Application deadline: TBD