Student Government Webmaster Position Application

Student Government Webmaster Position Application

To be considered for employment, this form must be completed entirely and all eligibility requirements must be met.

Upon completing this application, please forward a professional resume to Courtney Sage, Speaker of the Student Senate at If you have any samples of work you'd like to include, please include them in the email as well.

Per the Student Senate Bylaws, the Webmaster’s Primary Responsibilities shall be:
a) Maintaining and updating content on the SG website. i.e directories or postings of all Student Government Officials, postings of photos, current minutes/agendas, Executive projects, the current Student Government Budget, online polls, voting records, legislation, and discussion forums, surveys, bus schedule, in addition to any other material deemed appropriate by the EIU Student Government Senate or Executives.

b) Maintain a minimum of two (2) office hours per week. Clock in-and-out by using a timecard.

c) Maintain bi-weekly meeting with Speaker of Senate and/or Internal Affairs Chair.

d) Shall attend at least two (2) Wednesday Student Senate meetings per semester.

Additional responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to:
i. Respond to inquiries from SG Executives and Senators in a timely manner; and, be available to troubleshoot or assist with projects when the need(s) arise
ii. Communicate with ITS/CATS about any needs, problems, upgrades, etc.
iii. Communicate and meet with SG Executives and Senators when deemed necessary
iv. Develop new website functions and capabilities that better serve the EIU student body
v. Ensure that the SG website framework and applications are kept up-to-date
vi. Fix application glitches and enhance user-friendliness of the SG website
vii. Create an HTML template for a SG weekly/monthly newsletter and upload it regularly with information provided by the Internal Affairs Chair
viii. Assist the SG Elections Commission with annual online SG elections in April
ix. Assist the Speaker of the Senate with the Senate online recruitment and application process
x. Attend Student Government events upon request and take photos; maintain on-line photo gallery
xi. Other duties as assigned

a) Shall be a currently enrolled and fulltime Eastern Illinois University student.
b) Shall be in good academic standing with a cumulative GPA of 2.5.
c) Shall be in good disciplinary standing with Eastern Illinois University.

Shall be compensated $300 per academic semester (Fall/Spring) and $100 for work completed during the summer.

In consultation, the Student Body President and Speaker of the Senate reserve the right to terminate the SG Webmaster under extraordinary circumstances.

Application deadline: TBD