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Strategic Enrollment Planning

Strategic Enrollment Planning (SEP) is a collaborative, comprehensive, data-driven process through which EIU develops strategies that will enable it to set and meet its enrollment goals. The SEP initiative is led by Enrollment Worx, which reports to Provost Gatrell.

Where we are now

The core of the 2017 Strategic Enrollment Plan draws from the evaluation completed during the vitalization project, which was initiated in early 2017. The vitalization project served to advance EIU on its “Pathway to Success” and guide budget and planning decisions for allocation of resources and strategic investments. As part of the vitalization process, an assessment was done on the viability and operational efficiency of enrollment management practices. It provided a context for crafting a vision for our university’s vitalized future, with a specific focus on making targeted investments in order to attract higher enrollments and to distinguish EIU in the competitive marketplace.

Vitalization Workgroup Three drafted 51 enrollment management recommendations, which were shared with the President’s Council on Feb. 13, 2017. The council reviewed these recommendations and identified those that were viable and advantageous to move the Enrollment Management operation forward. Those recommendations were combined with input from the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and the primary enrollment oversight groups on campus -- Enrollment Worx and the Committee on Retention Efforts -- to compose the core strategy.

The strategic enrollment plan is currently available in the documents repository.

Where we’re going next

Annual plans for each enrollment cycle, detailing strategic priorities, goals and plans of action, have been created for 17-18 and 18-19; these will continue to be composed each year. The annual plans serve to support the overall strategic enrollment plan and its underlying goals. The President’s Council and the Board of Trustees will review and approve the plan in June of each year, and it will be carried out by the Enrollment Worx group and designated subcommittees assigned to each objective. Enrollment Worx will review updates from these subcommittees on a monthly basis; these meeting take place on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 11 a.m.

Ideas or questions?

Feel free to contact Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management Josh Norman if you have ideas to share or you would like additional information.