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Briar, Hannah, Johnny, Miss Merkel, & Miss White

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Johnny's art

Hannah's art

Briar's art
All about Hannah:
    Hannah is a third grade student at Carl Sandburg School.  Hannah has a younger brother named Alex and lots of pets.  Hannah enjoys school and expecially likes art, which is why she was so excited to learn about Binney and Smith!  Hannah's favorite color crayon is blue.
All about Briar:
  Briar is also a third grade student at Carl Sandburg school.  Briar's favorite time in school is during recess when he can play outside.  He really enjoyed learning about how crayons were made.  Briar's favorite color is also blue.
All about Johnny:
  Johnny was a third grade student at Carl Sandburg school, but had to move in the middle of Project WOW.  Johnny's favorite subject is reading and in his spare time he likes to play outside with his pets.
All about Miss White:
   Miss White is a senior at Eastern Illinois University.  She is an elementary major and will be student teaching in the Spring.  Miss White will graduate in May and will hopefully be teaching around the Chicago land area. She hopes to be teaching in the lower elementary grades. 
All about Miss Merkel: 
  Miss Merkel is a senior elementary education major at Eastern Illinois University.  Miss Merkel will be student teaching in a fifth grade classroom in the spring of 2004, and will then graduate in May.  Miss Merkel will be getting married in July of 2004 and looking for an elementary teaching position in Lubbock, Texas.

~During the mini-field trip, Hannah and Briar discuss an answer to Mrs. Spencer's question.