Eleanor Roosevelt's Contributions

She wrote a  newspaper column, "My Day"  for 20 years.  She would receive over 310,000 letters a year with people asking her to help them or inviting her to go somewhere.  She wrote on many issues including the space program, women's rights, television and many other areas.
    She joined the Red Cross During WWI and visited soldiers 
who were wounded.

    Mrs. Roosevelt joined the United Nations, a world peace keeping organization and served as a leader of our country.

While she worked with the United Nations, Mrs. Roosevelt helped to write the Declaration of Human Rights.  This helped people in other countries to get rights to vote, to speak publicly, and the right to get a job.  This is written in many languages including French, Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese. 

Eleanor Roosevelt visited miners and their families to help improve their working conditions.

She set up food lines during the Depression for those who had no food.

  She joined the League of Women Voters to help women gain the right to vote.

Mrs. Roosevelt worked with the NAACP to help African Americans gain rights.

She was the first First Lady to hold all female press conferences.

Leader of Today
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