Susan Butcher the Athlete

Susan Butcher races sleds and dogs.
She races in the Iditarod.
The Iditarod race starts in Anchorage Alaska and finishes in Nome Alaska.
The race is 1,151 miles long.
The race can take ten days or even longer.
Susan Butcher  won the gold medal three years in a row. She has placed first four times all together.
Susan Butcher loves the outdoors.

WOW Mini Field Trip

Our WOW team went on a mini field trip to Eastern Illinois University.
We met Dr. Eberly and Dr. Coffey.
They are both Athletes.
    Dr. Eberly rides bicycles. He taught us how to be safe when we are riding our bikes. He told us to wear helmets. He also warned us about cars when we cross the street. He advised us to get off of our bikes and walk it across the street. Dr. Eberly told us a story about an accident he had when he was riding his bike. A car wasn't paying attention and accidently hit him. He was hurt pretty bad.
    Dr. Coffey is a basketball player. We ran out of time so we didn't get to talk to him for very long. We were very grateful that he took the time to come and talk with us!
    Thank You Dr. Eberly and Dr. Coffey!

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