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The Writing Across the Curriculum Committee (WAC) was formed in 1990 as part of the revision of Eastern Illinois University's General Education curriculum. WAC's primary mission is to work with faculty to shape courses and programs that make writing an essential and integral component in the learning process.

The Writing Across the Curriculum Handbook & Appendix

In fall 2012, WAC published the first edition of the Writing Across the Curriculum Handbook (updated annually) to provide guidelines, recommendations, and ideas for assignments and activities all faculty members can use and the Appendix, which provides sample assignment sheets and writing-related handouts.

The WAC committee invites submission of sample assignments and activities to showcase in subsequent WAC Handbooks. If you are interested in sharing documents that facilitate a process approach to writing in your classes, or if you have sample writing-to-learn activities that work for you, please send them to the Director of WAC (fkory@eiu.edu).  As in this edition, contributors' names will be noted in the table of contents and acknowledged in the introduction.

Resources for Faculty

The Resources for Faculty page provides a host of writing-related resources and links for faculty members. There is information about designing writing assignments, writing-to-learn activities, responding to and evaluating student writing, and additional guides and resources that faculty members can use. Fern Kory (English), Director of Writing Across the Curriculum, is also available for consultation.

The EIU Writes Blog

The EIU Writes blog (http://eiuwrites.blogspot.com/) is a site for discussion about writing sponsored by the Writing Center and the Writing Across the Curriculum program at Eastern Illinois University.

We hope you find the information and discussion on the blog entertaining and illuminating, and we look forward to your comments and the conversation.

Writing Fellow Program

A Writing Fellow is a veteran writing consultant (tutor) assigned to a specific course and its professor for a given semester. The fellow acts as an ally for student writers by providing individualized feedback on drafts of papers they compose for this class.

Faculty who would like more information about this program should contact the WAC Director after reading through the information on the application form (pdf). Applications for a Spring Writing Fellow are due December 1.

Past WAC Workshops

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What Creates Strong Academic Writing?

Creating an Environment for Stronger Student Writing

Responding to Student Writing

Effective Methods of Peer Review: Moving Students Beyond "This is Good."

Non-Graded and Short Writing Assignments That Help Students Learn Your Discipline

"Teaching With Your Mouth Shut": Using In-Class Writing and Other Activities to Improve Student Learning"

In-Class Assessment Methods to Improve Teaching