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A Message from your College Certification Officer

Students are strongly encouraged to apply for graduation once they have earned 60+ hours. After you apply, the college certification officer will send you a degree audit with all of your remaining requirements highlighted. Applying for graduation also ensures that you receive a ‘final term degree audit’ at the start of classes in the semester for which you have applied to graduate. This serves as a double-check that you are registered for all of the remaining coursework needed and have met any other requirements for graduation (for example: upper division hours, EWP submissions, foreign language requirement, etc.).  

You must apply through your EIU PAWS account and a one-time fee of $40 will be charged to your student account. This fee also covers the cost of your diploma later when you graduate.  Your degree audit and all other correspondence from the college will be sent to your EIU email account. If you are unsure of exactly when you will graduate, just make your best guess – you can always reapply later for a different term if your plans change. Once you pay the initial application charge, there is no additional fee to reapply.

This is also a good way to make sure that your majors, minors, and/or concentrations are all listed correctly. As you apply to graduate, PAWS will list what you have declared. If the list is not correct, please come see the college certification officer to get changes made. It will also ask for your name as it should appear on your diploma and your permanent address (where you want your diploma sent once you graduate), so make sure you know exactly what you want. If things change with your name or address, you are able to make revisions to your application. The same is true with your major, minor, etc. If you decide to make any changes after you apply, simply see the college certification officer and get those changes made and then reapply you for graduation. Again, no extra fee will be charged – your one-time fee covers any reapplications and the cost of your diploma.

Your college certification officer is:

Angie Rhoads

Certification Officer &

Assistant to the Dean

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Eastern Illinois University


2229 Doudna





From: Handbook of EIU Undergraduate Academic Policies & Procedures, CAA

Advising is mandatory at all levels. Students cannot register for classes in any semester until they meet with their academic advisor. ... Certain requirements must be met before a degree is granted. These requirements concern such things as courses, majors and minors, and residence. It is important for students to acquaint themselves with these requirements and to continue to keep themselves informed about them during their college careers. This is accomplished with the assistance of their academic advisor. It is also necessary in the general administration of the University to establish policies and regulations. It is important that students understand the policies and regulations, which they are expected to follow. When changes are announced between catalog publications, they are published in the Official Notices at http://www.eiu.edu/...It is the responsibility of the student to know and to observe the requirements of his/her curriculum and the rules governing academic work. Although the advisor will attempt to help the student make wise decisions, the ultimate responsibility for meeting the requirements for graduation rests with the student...  The student has the ultimate responsibility to fulfill the requirements for a degree/program, to check his/her own eligibility to take courses, and to observe the academic rules governing his/her program. The advisor's role is to assist him/her in making important decisions. (sic)