Faculty-led Program Selection Criteria


Faculty directors have academic credibility and appropriate credentials for leading the program.

At least one faculty director has visited the host country and can so provide realistic information to students.

Content and sequence of course(s) and learning experiences are designed for academic credit.

Excursions and class activities have academic relevance to the course; they are academically focused, not tourism.

Program locations, facilities, and transportation meet EIU standards of safety.

Faculty or family members do not share accommodations with students.

Program includes pre-departure and on-site orientations that include safety, health, legal, environmental, political, cultural, and religious conditions in the host country(ies), as well as group expectations and planning logistics.

Professional training is provided for all risky activities that are appropriate to the course (ex. scuba diving, snorkeling).

There are no activities with a high degree of risk built into the program and faculty leaders do not endorse, encourage, or facilitate any independent student activities that may involve a high degree of risk.

Course structure is consistent with Course Type policy (falling into either Unique or Transplant category).

Any independent study must be consistent with Independent Study policy.

Time spent abroad is consistent with the Program Credit policy.

Faculty director has demonstrated a plan for continuity and sustainability of the program.

All appropriate signatures have been obtained on the Proposal and Course Substitution Form (if applicable).

Ranking Criteria

The program fits a needed academic/departmental niche for study abroad, which is not otherwise available to EIU students.

The curriculum meets the needs and interests of current and potential EIU students and offers valuable EIU credit in degree plans.

The program is affordable for many EIU students, comparable with other similar study abroad programs to the same destination.

The faculty director can recruit enough students to make the program a success and to create viability/sustainability year after year or every other year.

The faculty director appears to have the time/motivation to commit to the program in terms of its recruitment, orientation, and execution.

The faculty director's expectations of student work are rigorous and the program/curriculum makes effective use of the location.

Extra Points

The program and course material encourages academic cultural integration.

One program leader has a proven record of successful programs either at EIU or at a previous institution.

The program fits a needed geographic niche, which is not otherwise available to EIU students.


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