An Introduction to Study Abroad

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EIU offers high quality, affordable study abroad opportunities allow students to experience the culture, customs, and people of another country while using their financial aid and earning college credit.

Our students have the option to enroll in spring break, summer, semester, and year-long study abroad programs around the world. These programs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from faculty-led programming where students travel with EIU faculty and classmates, to exchange programs where participants enroll as international students abroad.

The experience of study abroad can increase self confidence, impact maturity, influence one's world view, heighten foreign language skills, develop an open mind, encourage diversity, and influence one's entire life for the better.
One of the most valuable reasons to study abroad is the opportunity for students to gain a competitive edge in the job market. Increasingly, surveys show that graduates who have studied abroad secure more job offers, better job offers, and higher starting salaries in their fields. In addition to completing academic coursework abroad, students can also access credit-bearing internships in their field.

We hope you’ll find the resources within these pages helpful. If you see something you’re not sure about, or have a question that is not answered here, please contact our office at 217-581-7267 or Our staff are more than happy to answer your questions, to prepare both you and your student for a successful time abroad.

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