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Academics & Study Abroad

The Office of Study Abroad is dedicated to helping Eastern Illinois University acquire a world-wide reputation as a university where international students are welcomed, where diversity is respected and whose faculty and students view themselves as citizens of the world. EIU offers many programs, of various lengths and prices, all around the world.

There is a requirement of a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. (Note: Some host institutions or faculty- led programs may require a higher GPA.) The Office of Study Abroad also reserves the right to deny a student participation in any program due to being or having been in University Disciplinary Probation or other evidence of significant behavior infractions. Prior to making such a determination, the applicant will be offered an opportunity to meet with an advisor or to submit information regarding such issues.

Students that choose to study abroad and plan accordingly with their academic advisor, should not lose time toward graduation. A variety of courses are available to transfer credit back to Eastern. Classes may transfer back to meet major, minor, and general education requirements, as well as other required classes, or electives at Eastern. Classes and availability depend on the university and what the student requires. Course listings are available in the Study Abroad Course Finder and on the partner institution’s website, which can be accessed through the program information pages.

Please be advised that foreign countries may have different education systems, including grades and course credit. Example: In Ecuador, when registering you will see that each course is worth 4 credits. Please take note that the 4 credit system is only for internal purposes (Ecuadorian students only) to comply with a new disposition of the National University Council, therefore, you will still have 3 hours per week of class and will receive a transcript with 3 credit courses, except for sports and lab classes that are worth “0” credits.

Before applying to any program, it is recommended that students attend an Info Session or schedule an appointment with an advisor. If you would like to do some research on your own, we suggest using our Getting Started page.

Study Abroad by Major


Please ask your Department Chair if you do not see your department represented.


Frequently Asked Questions


COST. You can study abroad (through some programs) for less than it costs to live/study at EIU. In other words, you don't have to study abroad in Western Europe where the US dollar has weakened substantially against the Euro. You can use financial aid, and also apply for study abroad scholarships!

CREDIT. You can study abroad for major, minor, or general education credit, in place of academic requirements that you’d normally take on campus. The key is to start planning early enough so you can hold back on certain requirements that you know you can fulfill on your first-choice program abroad. By starting early, you'll have more program options from which to choose and more scholarship opportunities.

MAJOR. You don’t need a major to study abroad. Freshmen and Sophomores usually fulfill general education requirements through their study abroad program. Juniors and Seniors fulfill major and minor requirements. There are lots of programs for general education and some recommendations for your major or minor. Come to the Office of Study Abroad to discuss the many options.

LENGTH. You can study abroad any time from a week, to a summer, to a full semester, year, or longer. The benefit of selecting a longer program is usually the cost per week goes down and there's much more opportunity for scholarships. National scholarships tend to favor non-traditional locations and longer periods of a semester or more.

LANGUAGE. You can study abroad in English, even in countries where English isn’t spoken. You can also fulfill your foreign language requirement in any language you can take abroad (it doesn't have to be Spanish, French, or German); try Chinese, Japanese, or some other language you've always wanted to learn. This is the beauty of study get to experience what EIU just can't offer at home.

GRADUATION. You can study abroad and graduate on time, with a richer degree and resume. We work very hard to make sure you don't lose any time towards graduation. We have a solid program advising process that helps you select the right program and stay on track with your academic and career goals. We want to see you succeed, and acquiring a study abroad experience can only help.

LIMITATIONS. You are NOT limited to EIU study abroad programs. If you don’t find something on our list that suits your needs, you can find something else and submit a quick and easy petition to our office for approval.


 How to Apply

Once you choose your program in the Program Finder, each individual program page will have a section on the right hand side with their application materials. Turn in the requested materials to our office (1207 Blair Hall) and we will provide you further directions from there!

Still not sure which program is right for you? Give us a call at 217-581-7267 to make an appointment!