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Locations: Costa Rica, England, France, Ireland, and Spain

What is API?

API is a third-party provider that arranges study abroad programs for students. EIU has a partnership with API which means EIU students can participate in a API study abroad program and earn EIU credit. With each API program, EIU students will pay their study abroad program fees directly to API. Your EIU student account will only be charged for the $300 EIU study abroad administrative fee. You will not pay EIU tuition or regular fees for the term(s) you are studying abroad.

The number of credits earned for an internship varies from 2 to 4 depending on the program. For more information, see API's website.

Past placements have included:

  • Community health in San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Government organizations in London, England
  • Teaching in Paris, France
  • Marketing in Dublin, Ireland
  • Business experience in Bilbao, Spain
  • Tourism in Cadiz, Spain
  • Finance in Madrid, Spain

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How does applying through a third-party provider like API work?

If you are interested in applying for a API program, you must fill out the EIU Study Abroad Application Materials and all API application materials for the program in which you are interested. All API application materials are located on their web site. Your application materials (EIU and API) along with the API application fee should be turned in to the EIU Office of Study Abroad (1207 Blair Hall). The Office of Study Abroad will send the appropriate materials to API for you.

Application Deadlines:

  • Fall, Summer, Academic Year: March 1st
  • Spring: October 1st

For EIU application materials, click on the links below:
EIU Application Materials
Course Approval Form
Also, please complete your Travel Consultation (as indicated in your EIU Application checklist).

Foreign Entry Requirements

To enter any of the API program countries, you must have a valid passport. If you are a U.S. citizen and do not currently have a valid passport, or if your passport will expire during the time you will be overseas, please go to the U.S. State Department web site for information on how to apply for/renew your passport.

A visa is your permission to enter a particular country for a specific amount of time. To find out if you need a visa for the country you plan to study in, please visit the Foreign Entry Requirements page on the U.S. State Department's web site. You can use the Foreign Entry Requirements page to get contact information for the Embassy of the country in which you plan to study. By contacting the Embassy, you will be able to determine what you must do to enter and remain in the host country during your study abroad experience.

Travel Document Systems (TDS) can also provide you with helpful information on every country, including entry requirements, cultural information, travel conditions, economy, and more.

You are strongly encouraged to read the U.S. State Department's Consular Information Sheet on the country where you plan to study. It will provide you with a great deal of information on your host country and will help you prepare for your trip.

**Please be aware that you are responsible for obtaining the most up-to-date information on the entry requirements for the country where you plan to study. The Office of Study Abroad only provides general information, as visa regulations and procedures are constantly changing. Please consult the Consulate for the host country for more information. **

Please note that EIU does not own, operate, or sponsor this program.