Discovery China (Host: University of Intl. Business and Economics)
Location: Beijing and Hong Kong, China

group in forbidden city

Department: Business

Leaders:Marko Grunhagen (

: Business, Economics   

  Terms/Timeframe: Will not run Summer 2013

Language: English


Budget: Cost Breakdown


Good Academic Standing
Good Judicial Standing

  Application Deadlines:

February 2, 2012 by 4:00 PM (FIRM DEADLINE)

This program is competitive. A selection process may occur after application deadline has closed.

  Application Materials:

Customized Program Application
Discovery China Application
Copy of Passport

Basics for Faculty-led Programs (step by step from application to realization)


Academic Program

This program is designed for students who wish to experience China through Chinese business and economics studies, field trips, and cultural activities. The lectures (subject to change) are based on our three courses: International Politics of China, Doing Business in China, Seminar in China’s FDI and Trade Policy:

  • China’s Position in the Security Structure of the Asia-Pacific Region and Instruction for Term Paper
  • China’s Policies for the Arms Control/Disarmament and Its Obligations
  • Human Resources Management in China
  • Foreign Direct Investment in China: Development and Policies
  • Evolution of China’s Foreign Trade Reforms

Beijing is a unique mix of old and new. For three centuries Beijing has been the center for cultural and business activities. Here you can simultaneously keep in touch with modern society while experiencing one of the oldest cultures in the world. Hong Kong, one of the Four Asian Tigers, has many fascinating historical sites, reflecting 5,000 years of Chinese heritage and more than 100 years of British colonial influence. Hong Kong’s lands are richly diverse, made up of hills and mountains, coastal landscapes, rock formation, sea views and distinctive outlying islands.

"I really loved this program. It was a once-in-a-lifetime chance and I would definitely do it again if I ever could. UIBE was a great school that made me feel like I was very safe. The school has a very helpful staff and a convenient location for everything from food to historical sightseeing. It's one thing to see pictures of historical Chinese landmarks, like the Great Wall, but it's indescribable to actually see and walk on it." -- Amy Norberg, Summer 2010 participant

Group on Great Wall of China

Activities / Itinerary

Field trips and cultural activities in Beijing(subject to change) will be selected from the following possibilities:

  • Yanjing Beer Co. (one of the largest beer –producing state-owned enterprise)
  • Beijing BENZ- Daimlerchrysler  Automotive Co. Ltd. (joint venture established by American Motors (AMC) and Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Corporation).
  • Hyundai Motor Co. (a joint-venture of Hyundai Co. and Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. Ltd.)
  • The Coca Cola Company in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area
  • China Rural Experience
  • Forbidden City (includes Tiananmen Square)
  • Great Wall
  • Summer Palace
  • Temple of Heaven
  • 2008 Olympic Village
  • Beijing Opera
  • Hutong Tour
  • 798 Factory (Art Gallery)
  • Capital Museum, Planning Exhibition Hall
  • Learn Chinese Taiji Boxing

In Hong Kong, field trips are planned to:

  • The island of Macau
  • Lantau Island (largest bronze Buddha statue in the world)
  • Stanley Market

Group in Front of Temple


Students will be enrolled in BUS3970: Business Study Abroad: Discovery China for 3 credits.


Students will be housed in the Campus Dormitory, a one bedroom apartment with air-conditioning, television, and other amenities. The price includes two students per apartment.


A pre-departure orientation will be provided and is required for all participants. This orientation will cover information on safety, health, legal, environmental, political, cultural, and religious conditions in the host country, as well as planning logistics.

Necessary Documents

You will be required to get a student visa for China. Please contact your leader for more information.

To enter a foreign country, you must have a valid passport. If you are a U.S. citizen and do not currently have a valid passport, or if your passport will expire during the time you will be overseas, please go to the U.S. State Department web site for information on how to apply for/renew your passport.


You are strongly encouraged to read the U.S. State Department's Consular Information Sheet on your host country. It will provide you with a great deal of information to help you prepare for your trip.