Imagine Indonesia: Discover the Wonders of Bali and Java- Summer 2015

Location: Indonesia: Bali and Java


Department: Art

Leaders: Dr. Robert Petersen ( and Ann Coddington (

: Art

  Terms/Timeframe: 5/16/15 to 6/11/15; On Campus dates TBD

Language: English

  Credits: 6

Budget: Summer 2015


Good Academic Standing
Good Judicial Standing


Application Deadlines:


January 30, 2015

Scholarship: $500 each for the first 10 students

  Application Materials:

EIU Program Application (Faculty-led Programs)

Course Approval Form

Academic Program

The islands of Bali and Java are nested in the middle of island nation of Indonesia, which is comprised of over 17,000 islands. Bali and Java are home to ancient civilizations that have over the centuries held art, music, and theatre at the center of their vibrant culture. Few places in the world can boast such a tremendous range of skilled master artisans in weaving, batik, wood carving, stone carving, leather working, and painting, as well as, dancers, musicians, and performers of masks and puppets who have passed down their knowledge for generations.  Bali and Java also have an exciting contemporary art scene, which is built on the past traditions and incorporates the new vibrant international urban life.

Both islands have tremendous variety cultural attractions with a wide range of textiles and crafts, dramatic performances, traditional music concerts, countless temples and palaces, and four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The natural beauty of the islands also offers opportunities to hike to the top of an active volcano, stroll through rice terraces, feed the monkeys that play in the temples, snorkel among coral reefs, and bathe in sacred springs deep in the tropical jungle.

Activities / Itinerary

During this four-week program, students will spend the first and last week in the village of Ubud, Bali, and the second two weeks will be spent in the cities of Yogyakarta and Surakarta, Central Java. Students will learn about art, theater, culture, and history while earning 6 General Education credits or Art credits. This new program to Indonesia will allow students to explore a wide range of traditional and contemporary arts, and learn the cultural history of this region though hands-on workshops, performances, and guided tours of temples, palaces, and museums.

In this four-week program we will:

• Explore the thousand year-old ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples of Prambanan and Borobudur
• See and try out the spectacular kecak chanting and wayang puppetry
• Explore traditional Balinese drawing techniques among the rice field terraces
• Visit the sacred springs and volcano temples of Mount Batur
• Learn from masters in their craft the beautiful art of batik in the city of Yogyakarta
• Participate in a performance art workshop with Paper Moon Puppet Theatre and meet the young artists of Yogyakarta at a gallery opening
• Visit the palaces of the Sultan in Surakarta and in Yogyakarta
• Travel to see the temples of Sukuh and Cetu in the mountains East of Surakarta
• Visit the Neka Museum to see kris daggers and modern paintings and the Danar Hadi Museum to see their wonderful collection of traditional batik
• Snorkel among the coral reefs off the eastern shores of Bali

While it is possible to get around knowing only English, students will be given basic language training in Indonesian. The program will supply all breakfasts, and the majority of the other meals where there will be an excellent selection of Indonesian and Western meal options. To help expedite communication among the group, students will be given a cell phone to use.


Make course/substitution selections on your EIU Program Application. The credit hours associated with your selections may not exceed the credit hours allocated for this program: 6


ART 2692G History of Art I, Honors (3 credits)

ART 3340-G: Multi-Cultural Aesthetics (3 credits)

ART 3611-G: Art in India and Southeast Asia (3 credits)

ART 3970 SA (3 credits)

ART 4755 Special Topics in Art I (3 credits)

ART 4756 Special Topics in Art II (3 credits)

After Your Trip:
Take STA4000G at EIU to fulfill your senior-seminar requirement!



Students will be staying in hotels in double occupancy rooms equipped with modern facilities, such as air conditioning, private bathroms, and with breakfast included. All four of the hotels have free wifi, lovely tropical gardens, and all but one has a pool. Separate rooms will be provided for men and women.


At least two pre-departure orientations will be provided and are required for all participants.

Your faculty leader will hold one of these orientations, where he/she will cover information on safety, health, legal, environmental, political, cultural, and religious conditions in the host country(ies), as well as planning logistics.

The Office of Study Abroad (OSA) will hold the other orientation. They will cover general information about traveling abroad to different areas of the world and facilitate a panel discussion composed of students who have already participated in faculty-led study abroad programs.

Necessary Documents

To enter a foreign country, you must have a valid passport. If you are a U.S. citizen and do not currently have a valid passport, or if your passport will expire during the time you will be overseas, please go to the U.S. State Department web site for information on how to apply for/renew your passport.

You are strongly encouraged to read the U.S. State Department's Consular Information Sheet on your host countries. It will provide you with a great deal of information to help you prepare for your trip.

**Please be aware that you are responsible for obtaining the most up-to-date information on entry requirements. The Office of Study Abroad only provides general information, as visa regulations and procedures are constantly changing. Please consult the Consulate for more information. **