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Location: London, England

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Art, Business, Communication Studies, Family & Consumer Sciences, Journalism, Music, Political Science, Political Science, Psychology, Technology, Theatre   

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Spring - mid January to mid June
Fall - mid-September to January (however, study abroad students can arrange to depart in December)
Summer -

Do not use these dates to purchase airfare; use dates provided by host.

  Language: English


Please contact the office for a current budget.


Minimum GPA 2.8 (all programmes except Media, Art and Design where the minimum is 3.0)
Good Judicial Standing

  Application Deadlines:

Spring: October 1st (Priority Application Deadline).

Summer: March 1st (Priority Applicatin Deadline).

Fall: March 1st (Priority Application Deadline). *The cap on internship placement for Fall 2012 has been reached. No applications for itnernships will be accepted*

Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis and is limited. If there is space available, applications will be accepted after the deadline, but there is no guarantee for space or admission at this point.

  Application Materials:

EIU Application Materials
Course Approval Form
Westminster SEMESTER Application
Internship Application Pack

Also, please complete your study abroad travel consult with Health Services.

Also, if you wish to apply for a practical Media, Art and Design class, you will need to submit a portfolio of work.

All Application Materials should be turned in to the Office of Study Abroad in 1207 Blair Hall by the appropriate deadline.

Program Highlights

The University of Westminster is located in London, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. It is known for its excellence in teaching and world class research, as well as its established study abroad programs. Westminster is the home to over 22,000 students, including more than 5,000 international students from over 150 countries.

Located in the center of London, Westminster students have easy access to London's world class theatres, libraries, museums, shops, and other entertainment venues. London is a city of 8 million people with enough museums, social and cultural events, gardens, shopping, and sight-seeing to keep you busy for months, if not years! You will never be bored as a student studying in London.

Academic Programs

*Westminster has reached the cap on internship placements and will no longer be accepting further internship applications for the Fall 2012 semester*

The Internship Programme is made up of practical work placement of approximately 16-20 hours per week and the Internship Toolkit module (worth 15UK / 4US credits). The Internship Toolkit is a programme of reflective learning of three hours per week about students’ experiences at work and how these relate to their academic studies and future professional career. Students will be required to keep a weekly reflective log of events. The graded progression of the module fosters students’ development of analytical thinking skills by applying relevant theory and concept to their work experiences. The Internship Toolkit module must be taken alongside of 3 academic modules and the Internship work placement.

Some areas are more competitive than others. Internship applicants should attract the attention of employers by listing their relevant interest, education, and experience in the Résumé’s and Personal Statements. All applicants are required to provide at least one reserve choice of area in case they are unsuccessful with their first option - considering other internship sectors can also open up more opportunity.

Interns should keep in mind that their employers take existing skills/experience into account when considering levels of responsibility for the candidates. Tasks will also vary depending on the needs or current business strategies of the companies. These can change over time as well. With all roles, internships are a great way to gain exposure to an industry of interest. By working in London, interns can develop a new cultural business perspective to compare with their home countries.

Past internships placements have included:
*Art -- Ceramics,
*Business--Cosmetics marketing, Foreign direct investment agency, Accountancy firms
*Communication Studies -- Fashion PR, Music PR, Event planning for charities
*Family & Consumer Sciences -- Fashion design agencies
*Journalism -- Print journalism, TV documentary production, Web journalism
*Music--Talent booking
*Political science -- Refugee support centers, International development, Parliament
*Psychology -- Mental health charities
*Technology -- IT,
*Theatre--Small theatre administration, Backstage work

Click here to view the academic calendar.

After Your Trip:
Take STA4000G at EIU to fulfill your senior-seminar requirement!

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Summer Internship

Beginning in Summer 2013, Westminster will partner with AES to provide four-week internships in London. Participating students will study one of the Westminster modules for the fist session (plus a week of excursions/lectures), completeing the internship during the final four weeks. Follow the link below for more information on internship partner, Anglo Internships.

*There is currently no cap on the number of students accepted to the summer internship program.

Anglo Internships

Student Life

The University of Westminster Study Abroad social programme has been designed to give you a taste of key cultural and historic sites in London and the UK whilst having great fun in exciting locations! You will join a Welcome Boat Party and a Gala Farewell Reception, and for a small fee, you will also be able to take part in activities during the semester. These include weekend trips to places such as Edinburgh, day trips to locations like Stonehenge, theatre trips, walking tours of London, and guided visits to London's galleries and museums (many of which are free).

The University has several cafes and a large music venue. They also have their own online social network site, "Connect," to help you meet students with similar interests.

Photo of EIU student at Piccadilly Circus in London


During the semester, you have the option to apply for a room in one of five halls of residence...

  • Furnival House
  • International House
  • Harrow Halls
  • Marylebone Hall
  • Wigram House

During the summer, you can choose to stay in our Halls of Residence at either Wigram House or Furnival House. You will pay one price for the tuition/housing.

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Foreign Entry Requirements

To enter the United Kingdom, you must have a valid passport. If you are a U.S. citizen and do not currently have a valid passport, or if your passport will expire during the time you will be overseas, please go to the U.S. State Department web site for information on how to apply for/renew your passport.

Visa not required for stay of up to 6 months. For additional information, consult the visa-issuing Consulate General in Chicago (312/970-3800) or click here.

Travel Document Systems (TDS) can also provide you with helpful information on every country, including entry requirements, cultural information, travel conditions, economy, and more.

You are strongly encouraged to read the U.S. State Department's Consular Information Sheet. It will provide you with a great deal of information to help you prepare for your trip.

**Please be aware that you are responsible for obtaining the most up-to-date information on entry requirements. The Office of Study Abroad only provides general information, as visa regulations and procedures are constantly changing. Please consult the Consulate for more information. **

Please note that EIU does not own, operate, or sponsor this program.