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Welcome to the Association of International Students

The AIS represents an organization that transcends the boundaries of country and race as it brings together students of every ethnicity and nationality, uniting them under a common interest. 

We will serve as both peers and mentors, never tiring in our determination to foster an all-inclusive environment that serves both to educate and to entertain. 

It is our wish that everyone would see the AIS for what it truly is—an organization made of students, for students and by students. We are here to improve the lives of our fellow international students, and this will be our measure.

The purpose of AIS is to promote intellectual, social, and cultural activities, international fellowship, as well as assist the orientation of students form the other countries and encourage their participation in various student activities and develop close ties between the host community and the international community.

Up Coming Events

The long-awaited Global Cultural Night will hit the stage soon! It is happening on the 1st October 2016. And we like to use this medium to invite artistes and performers of all hues to sign up for performances.

In case you’ve never heard of the Global Cultural Night, it is the biggest multicultural event on campus organized by AIS every semester. It is also an avenue to showcase your talent or skills in any walk of life. Please feel free to spread the word and invite friends. The EIU and Charleston Community is waiting to have a feel of another thrilling Global Cultural Night.

You can reach us via email: ais@eiu.edu or facebook: @eiuais. We are open to suggestion as to how you’d like to experience the event.


Let’s make it happen together!