About Dr. Painter

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Nationally Recognized Food Psychologist and Nutrition Educator

James E Painter, PhD, RD

Food Psychology is the study of how our thoughts effect our diets. As a speaker and educator obout food psychology, nutrition expert Jim Painter says, "If you want to lose weight, think small". His presentations about portion sizes, calorie reduction, heart health, antioxidants, and others have taken him around the world to inspire large and small audiences with the knowledge to help them succeed in today's food culture.

Jim has produced "Portion Size Me", a documentary about fast food and health, and been featured on CBS's "Early Show"and in journals and magazines including the "Journal of the American Dietetic Association" and pop magazine "Glamour". His presentations are not only informational and educational; they are also thought-provoking and entertaining, making Jim Painter the right choice for your venue. New Server