PBK Fall Lecture Series


New views on historical topics.

Serious reflection on current issues.

Stimulation for the brain and food for the soul.

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Our PBK Alumni Association has hosted a longrunning Fall Lecture Series on Eastern Illinois University's campus since the 1980s.

Having brought more than 25 world-class lecturers to Charleston, Illinois, we are pleased to put into action the words that we live by, "Love of learning is the guide of life."

Speakers bring stimulating, creative, and challenging ideas to the public on current topics ranging from monster films and environmental disaster to the historical representation of public health scares and the ebola crisis. Our most vibrant voices in the liberal arts and sciences bring us these and more.


FALL LECTURES (click to see more information)

2017 Dr. Faubert (Univ. Manitoba): The Zong Slave-Ship Massacre [SEE BROCHURE!]

2016 Dr. King (Morehouse College): Liberal Arts and Africana Muslims 

2015 Dr. Smith (Univ. Utah): Digital Amputation and Films

2014 Dr. Belling (Northwestern Univ. Feinberg School of Medicine): Medical Humanities and Ebola

2013 Dr. Berenbaum (Univ. Illinois Urbana-Champaign): Save Our Bees

2012 Dr. Fritz (Eastern Illinois Univ.): Film on Chile's Woodstock

2011 Dr. Goode (Syracuse Univ.): Reenacting American History

2009 Dr. Breen (Northwestern Univ.): Pre-revolutionary Boycotts

2008 Dr. Hsu (Univ. California Davis): Dangers of Biosecurity