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Desmanthas illinoensis


     Illinois Mimosa; Bundle-Flower








  Fruit Type:  Legume

  Fruiting Period:  Sep

  Flowering Period:  Jun - Aug




  Color:  Rusty Brown

  Size:  3 x 4 mm

  Shape:  Oval, flattened

  Surface Features:  Oval central zone

  Scarification:  Required

  Stratification:  90 -120 days (cold/dry)

  *Inoculum required for germination.




  Cotyledons:  Oval with entire margins

  Leaf arrangement:  Alternate

  Leaves (early):  Pinnately compound, petiole, entire margins with hairs

  Leaves (later):  Bipinnately compound, petiole, entire margins with hairs

  Other:  Green stipules