Lance Armstrong Timeline

1971- Lance was born in Plano, Texas
            The first floppy disc is created for computers

1984- At age 13 started competing in triathlons
             The year the cosby show began

1987- At age 16 turned pro
            Word population reaches 5 billion

1991- Won National Amateur Cycling Championship
             Gulf war ends

1993- Won U.S. Open triple crown
              Michael Jordan retires

1994- Runner up in the Tour du Pont
             Oldest human remains were found

1996- Diagnosed with cancer
             Push pops were popular

1997- Pronounced healthy
            First cloned sheep

1999- Won first Tour de France
             Pokemon hits U.S.

2000- Best selling autobiography "It's Not About the Bike:  My Journey Back to  Life" and won second Tour de France
            North Texas gets rain 84 days

2001- Won third Tour de France
             George W. Bush was sworn in as 43rd president

2002- Won fourth Tour de France
             Halle Berry wins Oscar

2003- Won fifth Tour de France
             Heat wave takes over Europe

2004- Will compete in the Olympics in Athens, Greece

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