Jackie Robinson's Contributions

Jackie Robinson did many great things during his life.  One of the most important things that he did was becoming the first African American to play in major league baseball.  Jackie Robinson struggled through many hard times throughout his life including when he played baseball.  But Jackie had guts and never gave up.
Jackie played professional baseball with the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1947-1956.  While he was on the Brooklyn Dodger team they won six national league peenants.  Jackie Robinson was named Rookie of the Year in 1947 and also named National League Most Valuable player in 1949.  Because Jackie was such a great baseball player, the Dodgers were able to win the World Series in 1955. 
Jackie retired from baseball in 1957, and was elected to the baseball Hall of Fame five years later.  After Jackie retired from baseball he continued to help African Americans fight for their basic rights.  He used his name and status to work towards equality for all Americans.  He was an important person for the civil rights movement.

This page was created by James, "We can learn alot from Jackie's life.  The most important thing that I learned is that you can do anything if you set your mind to it."
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