to the Global Heroes Quiz, Fall, 2001:

1. Gandhi won freedom for his counry leading the Salt March.
2. Thomas Jefferson had all these jobs: architect, writer, politician, farmer, scientist, educator, and family man.
3. Rachel Carson warned theworld about howchemical waste destroys plants, animals, soil, and water.
4. Marilyn Burns believes there is a connection between math and music.
5. Cesar Chavez used non-violent action to gain rights for farm workers.
6. Lance Armstrong rode a bike into another state without realizing it!
7. Sacajawea, after guiding a great expedition through wilderness, died at a young age.  (some disagree and say this hero lived a long life...)
8. Ella Fitzgerald sang scat!
9. A. Lincoln was the first president to have a beard.
10. Hans Christian Andersen enjoyed puppets as a child.
11. Carl Sandburg was born in Galesburg, IL.
12. John Philip Sousa was a famous conductor of the US Marine Band and many other bands.
13. Gandhi influenced millions including Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mandela.
14. Frank Lloyd Wright designed an earthquake proof hotel in Japan.
15. Thomas Edison lost his hearing at his first job.
16. Georgia O'Keeffe showed the beauties of the desert, flowers, and the city in her art.
17. Marilyn Burns wrote about a greedy triangle (and other characters) to help children everywhere to love math.
18. Susan Butcher won a 1000 mile race on legs that were not her own!
19. Sacajawea was kidnapped as a young child.
20. Hans Christian Andersen wrote over 160 children's books.
21. Everyone feels patriotism when hearing the band plan the marches of John Philip Sousa.