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Residence Hall Association

“Voice for on-campus students”

About RHA:
The Residence Hall Association at EIU is the voice for on-campus residents. RHA provides leadership and programming support to make the residence halls & Greek Court the best place to live. Additionally, RHA makes recommendations upon the University Housing policies and acts as a liaison between the administration and the residence for betterment of the Residence Halls and Greek Court at EIU.

RHA Overview:
RHA strives to build a community and develop leadership among on-campus residents. RHA is made up of four executive board positions; President, Vice-President of Community Engagement, Vice President of Administration and Finance, and National Communications Coordinator/Illinois Communications Coordinator. Members of RHA must reside in one of the 11 residence halls or in Greek Court at EIU. Each area shall allocate three RHA Representatives who may vote during official business. RHA Representatives are required to serve on one RHA committee. RHA has the following committees and may add additional committees at the discretion of the executive board: programming, social justice and diversity, and community service. Each committee works to develop programs and/or fundraisers with the direction of uniting the campus community.

Mission Statement:
The EIU Residence Hall Association is a representative organization that encourages on-campus residents to engage in service, educational, social programming, and leadership opportunities within the residence halls and Greek Court at EIU. RHA also hears the issues and concerns of residents with the ultimate goal of enacting legislation to make the residence halls and Greek Court at EIU a more respectful and united community.