What is a Student Affiliate?

Membership in the EIU chapter is separate from membership in the national organization and we do not require national ACS-SA membership. However, many members opt to become SA members of the national ACS. Membership includes many benefits including a subscription to InChemistry (the ACS-SA national magazine), a six month subscription to C&E News, and access to information about careers and opportunities. To join the national ACS as an undergraduate Student Affiliate, go to the following links for additional information.http://www.acs.org/content/acs/en.html


What are some of the things we do?

We partake in volunteer opportunities as well as promoting the excitement of chemistry. We do informational fieldtrips that allow our members to explore job options, networking, and more. We also do fun activities such as holiday parties, picnics, and games.


Note: Events section is subjected to change

Events presented are subjected to change meaning that some dates may be moved or events cancelled. If there are any questions please email the presedent, Savannah Kapper, at sckapper@eiu.edu

Latest News



We are having our biweekly meeting. Please join us to catch up on our planned events and vote on a T-shirt design




Bowling was held at our campus alley. Pictures are posted to our facebook page. Check them out!


1st Meeting


Come check out what ACS is all about. Pizza, games and more!




Please send in your T-shirt designs to vote for at our upcoming meeting! The person whose design is used will receive a free T-shirt!