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The Journal of Employment and Labor Law is the official publication of the Employment and Labor Law Section of the Academy of Legal Studies in Business.  The editorial mission is to provide accurate and authoritative information and commentary on statutory, regulatory, and jurisprudential developments in employment and labor law, in a form that is practical and readily usable by management professionals, students, teachers, researchers, and writers in the fields of employment and labor law, and to encourage and facilitate research and writing about issues at the developing edge of these fields.


Submissions to the Journal of Employment and Labor Law are reviewed on an ongoing basis. All submissions should comply with the Manuscript Guidelines and can be sent to the Journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Denise Smith, at dssmith3@eiu.edu


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Volume 14, Spring 2013
Table of Contents
Editor's Corner- Denise Smith
The Bona Fide Professional Exemption of the Fair Labor Standards Act As Applied to
Debra D. Burke and N. Leroy Kauffman
The Road to Discrimination: Implications of the Thought of F. A. Hayek for Equal
Employment Law
Keith W. Diener
I Know a Jerk When I See One – Moving Toward the European Dignity Standard in
U.S. Sexual Harassment Law
Donna Steslow, Nancy Lasher, and Daniel Syed
Left Twisting in the Wind: (T)ransgenders Are Protected by Title VII but LGBs Are
Not. Can This Be Right?
Dawn D. Bennett-Alexander
Who Is Liable for Employee Withholding and Social Security (FICA) Taxes? -
Michael J. McDermott, Nancy J. White, and Joseph J. Galante





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