Young Lions HS Contest

Young Lions High School Creative Writing Contest

Submissions are invited from high school students in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction

Judging will be done by member’s of EIU’s creative writing community. Winners will receive a cash prize, a certificate, and an invitation to read their work at the Lions in Winter creative writing festival on January 26, 2019.


  1. All entries must be unpublished, original, single-authored works in English.
  2. Entries will be defined as follows:
    • Poetry – up to 100 lines
    • Fiction – a short story up to 1250 words. This could be an excerpt from a longer work.
    • Nonfiction – a work of creative nonfiction up to 1250 words (including essay, memoir, and literary journalism). This could be an excerpt from a longer work.
    • Please use 12 point Times New Roman font and number the pages.
  3. One entry per person per genre.
  4. Submit here:

Winners of the 2018 Young Lions Contest

First Place: Maia Huddleston, “A Letter to My Sister”

Second Place: Norah Blache, “Cathedral Window”

Third Place: Rebekah Paulsen, “My Generation”

Honorable Mention:
Elizabeth Hicks, “Crash and Burn”
Izabella Edwards, “Human Traits”
Kaitlyn Cary, “It’s When I’m Me”
Mitchell Matthews, “Will Work for Food”
Berenice Sotelo, “When Silence Was Chosen”