Series III

Series III, Vol 4, No. 2, Fall 2007

Sponsored By: Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs - Asian Studies Center, Michigan State University
Editor: Linda Cooke Johnson
©2007 Asian Studies Center, Michigan State University

Studies On Asia SERIES III, VOL. 4, NO. 2 Spring
Esther M.K. Cheung Writing Illness to Heal: The Language of Breast Cancer(pdf) 51
Terrence Jackson Social Decorating: Dutch Salons in Early Modern Japan(pdf) 62
Luc Walhain Transcending Minjok: How Redefining Nation Paved the Way To Korean Democratization (pdf) 83
Xiaoquan Raphael Zhang Collective Identity and Poetry Exchange Among Ming-Loyalists: Ye Shaoyuan’s (1589-1648) Case (pdf) 101

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