Henry Ford's first production car was aptly name the quadricycle.  Quad means four. This is a one of the only surviving models in America.  Notice the steering, the wheels, the lack of shocks and an enclosure.


This is Henry Ford with one of his early models.  Not a lot of passanger space is there?


This is one of Henry Fords famous model 'T's.  It is quite a step up from his quadricycle.  This is the automobile that put the average American on the road.  Notice the color.  Henry Ford had a famous quote..."People can have any color that they long as it is black.  This is the only color that the model 'T' came in.


The 20,000,000 Ford Automobile.  At one time in America's history 3 out of every 4 automobiles on the roads were made by Ford Motor Company.


  We just learned that Ford Motor Company put out its 300,000,000 car on 11/17/03.  It was a cherry red Mustang GT convertible.  A long way from Henry Ford's first quadricycle.


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