Orville and Wilbur Wright Links

If you like the Wright brothers or airplanes then click on one of these great sites to learn a whole lot more.


This site contains information on the Wright Brothers and other important pilots.  After you are through reading about the Wrights, there is loads of information on other inventors.


This site is an official site for the Wright Brothers and related information.  The knowledge on this page is unlimited, and someone could learn a whole bunch of information on this site alone.

This site is a great one for information on both flight a spspaces shuttle history.  The site is for the National Air and SpaceMuseum.

This is the site for the United States Air Force.  There are several galleries of different types of planes used in war.  The are great pictures and information included in this web  site.

This site may perhaps be the best site out there as far as recognizing the importance and informing about the Wright Brothers.  The site has information all about the first flight and the brothers that were reponsible.
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