The Many Achievements of Lance

Lance Armstrong is definitely more than a simple cyclist!  He is a global hero for everyone because he shows us that no matter how bad things get, we can never give up!  And when things are good, we should always help others!

--In 1985, Lance started his career off with a bang by winning the Iron Kids Triathlon at the age of 13!!!!!

--In 1991, Lance became the youngest U.S. Amateur Cycling Champion!

--In 1993, Lance continued to amaze everybody when he became the World Cycling Champion!

--In 1997, Lance managed to win over the cancer inside of him.  While just barely recovering, he formed the Lance Armstrong Foundation to help with cancer research.

--In 1998 alone, Lance raised over $300,000 for the Lance Armstrong Foundation by starting the annual Ride for the Roses cycling race.

--Lance participated in three Olympic games in 1992, 1996, and 2000!

--Lance became only the second American to win the Tour de France three times, and he won them all in a row (1999, 2000, and 2001).

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