Marian Anderson Timeline
1897 Marian Anderson was born in Philidelphia
1907 Marian was selected to sing in the People's Chorus
1910 Marian's father died
1916 Marian was denied entrance to a music school because she was African American
1920-1936 Marian toured through Europe singing
1939 Marian sang at the Lincoln Memorial on Easter Sunday
1939 Marian recieved the Spingarn Medal of Honor
1952 Marian sang on the Ed Sullivan show
1955Marian sang at the Metropolitan Opera House in Washington D.C.
1965 Marian performed her last concert at Carnegie Hall
1977 She won the United Nation's Peace Prize
1991 Marian recieved the lifetime achievement award at the Grammy's
1993 Marian Anderson passed away at the age of 96
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