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Suk Ja Kang-Engles

The next series, "Interpellation," continues the fingerprint motif, of course; the episode of giving my prints to the authorities here when I became a citizen still haunts me.  Every fingerprint is unique, yet our prints attest to our "citizenship," our membership in a community of supposedly similar people.  Authority has also attached tense, anxiety-inducing associations to the act of pressing our fingers and thumbs to a surface. We extend our outstretched hands and they are grasped by other hands, which take from us the marks of our selves.

Interpellation I
(2001; 48 x 48)

Interpellation 6
(2001; 48 x 48)


Interpellation 5
(2001; 48 x 48)



Suk Ja Kang-Engles is an independent artist living and working in Urbana, IL. Some of her actual efforts are on display at Lowe Gallery in Atlanta. She can be reached via email by clicking here.